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Mondelēz International Joins Hedera Governing Council: Propelling Hedera's Long-Term Growth through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Mondelēz International Joins Hedera Governing Council: Propelling Hedera's Long-Term Growth through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Discover how Mondelēz International's strategic alliance with the Hedera Governing Council is not only reshaping the future of snacking but also fueling the long-term growth and sustainability of the Hedera network, unlocking innovative possibilities at the intersection of blockchain and global industries.

Green Blockchain

The Future of Blockchain has to be Green

Dive into the future of sustainable blockchain growth and discover how Hedera Hashgraph is leading the charge, pioneering eco-friendly solutions with real-world impact in supply chain transparency, renewable energy, and beyond. Uncover the key to a greener, more resilient blockchain ecosystem!

Hedera vs Cardano - Hbar vs cardano

A Comprehensive Comparison of Cardano vs. Hedera

Dive into the fascinating realm of blockchain as we unravel the intricate differences between Cardano and Hedera, two titans shaping the future of decentralized technologies. Discover their unique architectures, governance models, scalability prowess, and real-world applications in this in-depth comparison.

Starknet Ecosystem Airdrop Guide

StarkNet Ecosystem Airdrop Opportunities: An In-Depth Guide

With the STRK Airdrop concluded, let's take a look at the the StarkNet ecosystem and the other promising airdrops within.

Hedera Hashgraph Consensus

Unveiling the High Throughput of Hedera Hashgraph: A Deep Dive into Hashgraph Consensus

Unlocking the Secrets of Hedera Hashgraph's Remarkable Speed: Explore the Ingenious Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm and Discover How High TPS Redefines the Competitive Edge in Distributed Ledger Technology.

Hedera Algorand

Hedera and Algorand Forge Groundbreaking Partnership with DeRec Alliance for Decentralized Recovery

Discover how easy asset recovery is becoming the linchpin for mainstream acceptance of crypto and blockchain technology, addressing key concerns and unlocking a new era of user confidence.

Telegram TON Flagship getting started

Getting started with crypto on Telegram and TON

Telegram is integrating the TON blockchain, potentially becoming a Crypto Superapp. Users can trade crypto, shop online, play games with NFTs, and make payments on Telegram. This article explains how to start using Telegram and TON, including setting up a wallet and adding funds, and presents wallet options for Telegram and TON and how to get started with Telegram crypto apps.

Berachain Blockchain Flagship FYI

Berachain Blockchain: A Blend of Memes, Innovation and Community

Berachain is a blockchain project that combines memes, innovation, and community. It has gained attention and significant funding, with a valuation of $420.69 million. The project addresses key DeFi issues, such as fractional liquidity, through unique features. It uses a Proof of Liquidity (PoL) consensus mechanism, allowing users to stake tokens for network security and use them for liquidity in DeFi protocols. Berachain's tri-token system ensures stability, governance, and transaction management. The project has launched its testnet, Artio, and is collaborating with native teams to launch dApps. With its innovative technology and growing community, Berachain has the potential for rapid growth and success in blockchain and DeFi.

Hedera's Commitment to Ecosystem Growth: A Bold Step Toward Advancing Blockchain Innovation

Hedera's Commitment to Ecosystem Growth: A Bold Step Toward Advancing Blockchain Innovation

Hedera's recent allocation of 4.86 billion HBAR tokens, valued at $408 million, underscores its commitment to ecosystem growth by providing substantial funding to existing initiatives, such as the HBAR Foundation and Hashgraph Association, emphasizing the pivotal role of financial support in nurturing early-stage projects and fortifying the foundation of the decentralized network.

Hedera Hashgraph DLT Renewable energy

Hedera's Revolutionizing Renewable Energy with DLT

Dive into the transformative world of decentralized ledger technology as Hedera Hashgraph collaborates with Électricité de France, REDEX, and Rekursive Labs, pioneering a proof of concept that automates renewable energy certificates, reshaping the landscape of sustainability and institutional adoption.

An abstract picture displaying the name: "Solana"

A new state to the Solana Ecosystem: An Enhancement to its EVM compatibility

In this article, we'll cover a new merge which helps improves developer experience on the Solana and Ethereum ecosystem.

Hedera Hashgraph Governance

Hedera Hashgraph's Governance Model: Striking a Balance Between Centralization and Decentralization

Dive into the dynamic landscape of Hedera Hashgraph as we unveil the unique governance model steering its course between efficiency and decentralization in the world of distributed ledger technology.

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