Eigenlayer token airdrop

How to Qualify for the Eigenlayer Token Airdrop

EigenLayer has not issued its own token yet, but there's 99% possibility they will introduce one eventually. To engage users, they've implemented a points system, rewarding those who restake through EigenLayer and its affiliated platforms. Participants engaging in both testnet and mainnet activities and accumulating points might be eligible for an airdrop when EigenLayer decides to release its token.

Upcoming crypto ai projects

10 Small-cap Upcoming Projects Merging AI, Blockchain and Crypto

The combination of crypto and Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest sectors in the market. Here are 10 new and upcoming AI projects that are worth checking out.

What's New With Polygon CDK? - CDK Update

What's New With Polygon CDK? - CDK Update

In this article, we cover all the new blockchains ecosystems that have recently announced their integration or Layer 2 launch using the Polygon CDK. Chains are launching powered by the CDK every week, here are the most recent ones to keep your eye on.

Week 7, 2024 - Weekly Market Outlook

Week 7, 2024 - Weekly Market Outlook

The weekly market outlook article provides a brief analysis of the past week's market performance and an outlook for the upcoming week.

Bitmap Bitcoin Metaverse

Bitmap - Where Bitcoin greets Metaverse

What is Bitmap? Its whitepaper states that “Bitmap is a consensus standard that allows anybody to claim the geospatial digital real estate of a Bitcoin Block.” It is a lot of words that sound smart, but unfortunately don’t clarify the concept. This piece of writing is my attempt to throw some light on what Bitmap is.

Hedera vs Cardano - Hbar vs cardano

A Comprehensive Comparison of Cardano vs. Hedera

Dive into the fascinating realm of blockchain as we unravel the intricate differences between Cardano and Hedera, two titans shaping the future of decentralized technologies. Discover their unique architectures, governance models, scalability prowess, and real-world applications in this in-depth comparison.

ERC404 by Flagship FYI

Tokens and NFTs in 1 Transaction?! Learn all about the ERC404 token standard

ERC-404 is a new Ethereum token standard that combines features of ERC-20 and ERC-721, primarily focusing on the native fractionalization of NFTs. However, ERC-404 is not yet an official standard and is pending review and approval by the Ethereum community. Despite this, projects such as Pandora and DeFrogs have adopted ERC-404, demonstrating market success, though its broader adoption and associated risks remain uncertain.

Portfolio Vault Update - Week 7

Portfolio Vault Update - Week 7

Over the past 7 days, the share price of the Portfolio Vault went from $43.78 to $48.88, which is a 11.65% increase.

Starknet Ecosystem Airdrop Guide

StarkNet Ecosystem Airdrop Opportunities: An In-Depth Guide

With the STRK Airdrop concluded, let's take a look at the the StarkNet ecosystem and the other promising airdrops within.

What is Restaking Explained

What is Restaking? An easy introduction

The article discusses the recent innovation of 'restaking' in crypto economics, emerging since Ethereum's transition to a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism in 2022. Restaking, introduced by EigenLayer, allows for staked tokens to be used in multiple protocols, enhancing their utility and rewards potential. The article outlines three methods of restaking: Native Restaking, Liquid Restaking (with its two forms, Basket-based and Isolated LSTs), and the emerging Superfluid Restaking.

The Next Phase of Polygon - Looking Ahead

The Next Phase of Polygon - Looking Ahead

In this article, we'll go over what the future of Polygon looks like. Polygon has come a long way since just the PoS chain and many new technological advancements are on the horizon.

Harnessing Economic Forces for the Environment: The Rise of Regenerative Finance

Harnessing Economic Forces for the Environment: The Rise of Regenerative Finance

Regenerative finance, sometimes called “confluence of crypto and climate”, refers to creating financial incentives in order to regenerate the natural environment, to reverse the impact of climate change, and to curb the negative externalities of carbon emissions.

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