Milkomeda is the network that enables Cardano to connect with EVM contracts. It is an EVM layer that connects blockchains like Cardano and Algorand to the Ethereum network.

Milkomeda crypto cardano

Milkomeda EVM: Seamlessly Connecting Cardano and Ethereum

Milkomeda's groundbreaking Wrapped Smart Contracts merge Cardano and Ethereum ecosystems, unlocking seamless cross-chain interaction and elevating user experience in decentralized applications.

Cardano EVM: Is Cardano EVM compatible?

An update on EVMs and Cardano

Is Cardano EVM compatible? We look at the latest EVM developments within the Cardano ecosystem

Milkomeda Crypto Cardano Upgrade EVM

Milkomeda Crypto Upgrade - Ethereum dApps are coming to Cardano

This article will look at the major Milkomeda Crypto upgrade that will allow Ethereum dApps to be accessed by Cardano wallets. We discuss what this could mean for the Cardano ecosystem.

muesliswap cardano

Captain’s Pick — MuesliSwap

For this captain's pick, I've done a deep dive on MuesliSwap, the first Dex to have launched on Cardano is now the first to launch new functionality post the Vasil hard fork.

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