HypeLab is a web3 ad network that's trying to make advertising in the crypto world a breeze. If you're an advertiser, you'll love how it lets you reach a targeted audience without hyped up airdrops or spammy social media campaigns. And if you're a publisher, HypeLab helps you make money from your platform without needing to be an ad expert. One of its coolest features is the use of on-chain data, which means the ads are super relevant and personalized.

Hypelab web3

A Hypelab Deep Dive : Web3 Advertising with On-Chain Personalization

HypeLab is a web3 on-chain marketing company, offering a seamless and personalized advertising experience for both advertisers and publishers. As a crypto-focused ad network, HypeLab utilizes on-chain data for precise ad targeting.

crypto venture capital in august

The Summer Slumber, The Top 10 Venture Capital Raises in August

In August 2023, 39 crypto projects raised capital from crypto venture capital, roughly the same amount that was raised in June. The total value raised was down ( from $454 million last month to $278 million this month), with a focus on Pre-Seed, Seed rounds and Series A. We take a look at the 10 most interesting newly funded projects.

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