What's New With Polygon CDK? - CDK Update

What's New With Polygon CDK? - CDK Update

In this article, we cover all the new blockchains ecosystems that have recently announced their integration or Layer 2 launch using the Polygon CDK. Chains are launching powered by the CDK every week, here are the most recent ones to keep your eye on.


The Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) has surged in popularity since its launch in the summer of 2023, becoming a go-to resource for creating Zero Knowledge Layer 2 on Ethereum. Various blockchain ecosystems, including Hypr Network, API3, B² Network, and Near DA have integrated Polygon CDK. Hypr Network is leveraging it to create a more efficient and cost-effective gaming ecosystem, while API3 plans to establish an OEV Network, redistributing oracle extractable value. B² Network's integration aims to unlock new potential for Bitcoin scalability, with Near DA offering improved efficiency and scalability for Ethereum ZK rollups. In addition, Wirex has partnered with Gateway.fm to enhance WPay decentralized payment network, betting on Polygon CDK's Layer 2 tech for faster transaction processing and reduced costs. As more projects adopt Polygon CDK, the future of blockchain scalability and interoperability appears promising, underpinning the broader growth and sophistication of the blockchain landscape.

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The Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) has exploded in popularity over the last 6-8 months. Since launching in the summer of 2023, numerous blockchain ecosystems have utilized the Polygon CDK to create their own Zero Knowledge Layer 2 on Ethereum. In this article, we will cover some of the most recent ecosystems who have adopted this technology, along with updates on recent integrations. More Polygon CDK chains are launching almost every week and the Polygon ecosystem continues to grow. Let's dive into the latest news!

New CDK Chains


Hypr Network

Hypr Network has announced its integration with Polygon Chain Development Kit, marking a pivotal step towards building a gaming ecosystem powered by ZK technology. By leveraging the customizable features of Polygon CDK and integrating Celestia’s high-throughput data availability layer, Hypr Network aims to establish one of the most efficient and cost-effective gaming-focused chains to date.

The decision to integrate with Polygon CDK showcases Hypr's commitment to providing gaming applications with tailored user experiences that cater to the diverse needs of players. Utilizing Celestia's data availability layer, among other modular options offered by Polygon CDK, Hypr Network is poised to offer a platform that excels in both speed and affordability, key factors in facilitating mass adoption within the gaming community.

Originally constructed with the OP Stack, Hypr Network prioritizes data privacy and security, particularly in the context of gaming applications. In line with this ethos, the team at Hypr is set to introduce several unique zero knowledge-based gaming SDKs, further enhancing the security measures available to developers within the ecosystem.

Beyond integration, Hypr Network has committed to contributing to the open-source stack of Polygon CDK. This includes the development of a forkable and switchable multi-backend data availability service, allowing for seamless synchronization of diverse data sets. Additionally, Hypr plans to expand the precompiled contract library to encompass functionalities such as shuffling, anonymous transfers, and external utility functions for zero-knowledge proofs, leveraging support for zkWasm to compile and generate proofs efficiently.



API3 has announced plans to launch a dedicated chain leveraging Polygon Chain Development Kit, aimed at empowering dApps and their users to reclaim oracle extractable value (OEV) typically captured by third parties.

OEV, representing the profit that oracles can extract from transactions due to their privileged position as data feed sources, has long been a point of contention within the blockchain ecosystem. With the introduction of OEV Network, API3 seeks to address this issue by capturing OEV from all dApps utilizing API3 data feeds across various chains and redistributing this value back to the protocols.

At the core of OEV Network lies a specialized order flow auction platform, facilitating the sale of rights to execute specific data feed updates for individual dApps to the highest bidder. Through this mechanism, the winning bidder pays for executing the data feed update, enabling the associated dApp to promptly receive the proceeds on their native chain. This streamlined process ensures that any dApp utilizing API3 data feeds can seamlessly enable OEV Network and begin earning from oracle extractable value.

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, emphasized the innovative potential unlocked by the robust security and customizable nature of Polygon CDK, particularly for teams focused on addressing unique challenges. He expressed excitement about API3's initiative, highlighting the substantial value proposition it offers to builders across the ecosystem.

The initial iteration of OEV Network will manifest as a single Validium on the Ethereum mainnet, utilizing ETH as the gas token. This configuration is poised to evolve over time to adapt to the evolving needs of the platform.

B² Network

B² Network

B² Network has announced its integration with Polygon Chain Development Kit, marking a pivotal step towards unlocking new possibilities for Bitcoin scalability and interoperability.

At the core of B² Network's integration lies its unique B² Hub, serving as the first Bitcoin Data Availability (DA) layer. Leveraging its distinctive ZK proof verification method on Bitcoin, B² Hub empowers rollups to submit DA proof and ZK proof verification commitments to Bitcoin, thereby enhancing the security of the Bitcoin Layer-2 landscape while alleviating the load on Bitcoin Layer-1.

Looking ahead, developers will have the option to leverage the "Polygon CDK + B² Hub" combination to kickstart their own Bitcoin rollups, ushering in a new era of scalability and efficiency within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Moreover, B² Network will collaborate on the Aggregation Layer initiative proposed by Polygon Labs. Through safe, near-instant atomic cross-chain transactions facilitated by ZK proofs, the Aggregation Layer aims to create a seamless Web3 network experience akin to operating on a single chain.

B² Hub's integration with the Aggregation Layer will enable B² Rollup and other zk-rollups connected to B² Hub to share liquidity with various Layer 1 or Layer 2 networks, fostering interoperability and liquidity flow across the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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CDK Integrations



The NEAR Foundation and Polygon Labs have unveiled a new integration, The NEAR Data Availability layer. NEAR DA now seamlessly integrates with Polygon Chain Development Kit, offering developers efficiency and scalability in crafting Ethereum ZK rollups tailored to their specific requirements.

Designed to simplify network operations and reduce costs for Ethereum rollup builders, NEAR DA empowers developers to scale their applications with the same agility and efficiency characteristic of the NEAR Protocol. Meanwhile, Polygon CDK provides developers with a user-friendly stack that is complete with configurable features such as transaction costs, native tokens, and throughput, all while retaining compatibility with the EVM and ensuring trustless security.

The integration of NEAR DA into Polygon CDK unlocks a myriad of benefits for rollup builders, chief among them being a significant reduction in data availability costs, thereby alleviating the financial burden associated with rollup operations. As data publishing costs soar to unprecedented levels for Layer 2 solutions, the incorporation of NEAR DA offers a timely and cost-effective solution to mitigate overheads.

Noteworthy statistics further underscore the advantages of NEAR DA, with data costs on NEAR Protocol significantly undercutting those on Ethereum L1 and other platforms. By leveraging NEAR DA, developers can enhance the reliability of their rollups while concurrently reducing operational expenses, all while maintaining the robust security guarantees synonymous with Ethereum.

Wirex x Gateway

Wirex x Gateway

Wirex has announced a strategic partnership with Gateway.fm, a renowned global blockchain infrastructure provider. This collaboration elevates the user experience of Wirex's recently launched WPay decentralized payment network through the integration of Gateway.fm's Platform as a Service solution.

At its core, this partnership is driven by Wirex's commitment to streamlining the decentralized payment experience for its users. By leveraging Gateway.fm's Presto, Wirex aims to scale WPay effectively, optimizing transaction efficiency, alleviating strain on the Ethereum mainnet, and simplifying the transition between traditional finance and Web3.

By integrating Layer 2 technology through Presto, powered by Polygon CDK, Wirex anticipates significant enhancements to its card services. Users can expect faster transaction processing, reduced costs, and an overall improved user experience, aligning with Wirex's mission to deliver cutting-edge financial solutions with a focus on user convenience and security.


In conclusion, the Polygon Chain Development Kit has emerged as a driving force in the realm of Layer 2 solutions. As highlighted in this article, numerous blockchain projects have recently integrated or launched their Layer 2 solutions using the Polygon CDK, showcasing the widespread adoption and versatility of this technology. From gaming ecosystems to decentralized oracle networks, and even Bitcoin scalability solutions, each integration brings forth innovative advancements aimed at improving scalability, efficiency, and interoperability within the blockchain space. As more projects join the Polygon CDK ecosystem and leverage its capabilities, the future of blockchain scalability and interoperability appears promising. Looking into the future with the launch of the Polygon AggLayer, all of these chains will be connected with unified liquidity, making the user experience even more friendly and smooth.

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