Polygon CDK Boom

The Polygon CDK Boom - All The Latest Chains Using Polygon CDK

Since it's launch, the Polygon Chain Development Kit has seen numerous blockchain ecosystems launching their own ZK-powered Layer 2. In this article we cover all the latest chain using this Polygon technology and their plans for the future.


Emerging as one of the most subscribed tech stacks in crypto, the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) empowers eminent blockchain ecosystems like Celestia, OKX, and NEAR protocol to develop and launch their ZK-Powered Layer 2 solutions. Enhanced scalability, cryptographic security, and interoperability back the growing adoption of Polygon CDK. Celestia's application streamlines the layer 2 chain creation, on the other hand, leading Indian e-commerce platform - Flipkart, has employed it to amplify its Web3 loyalty program. A notable partnership with OKX resulted in the launch of federally secure, scalable ZK Layer 2 network - X1. The CDK's contribution to Polygon 2.0 vision, affordable internet value layer creation and exchange, makes the narrative more interesting. A series of recent alignments are spelling increased utility and robust future growth in the Polygon CDK ecosystem.

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The Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) revealed earlier this year has become one of the most used technology stacks in all of crypto. Some of the biggest blockchain ecosystems are now adopting Polygon CDK to launch their very own ZK-Powered Layer 2, and the adoption doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. In this article, we'll dive into the latest announcements and uncover the alpha so you can stay one step ahead.

What is Polygon CDK?

Let's quickly recap what the Polygon Chain Development Kit actually is and what it's used for:

Polygon's Chain Development Kit is reshaping blockchain development by enabling seamless creation of ZK-Powered Layer chains on demand. This modular, open-source codebase ensures interoperability between chains, granting one-click access to the liquidity of all Polygon chains and Ethereum.

CDK's modularity allows developers to customize chains with options like rollup or validium mode, zkEVM, and more, simplifying the traditionally complex L2 launch process. Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs ensures cryptographic security and near-instant finality, making blockchain development globally accessible.

The Interop Layer of Polygon 2.0 facilitates near-instant finality and cross-chain execution, creating an interconnected network of ZK-powered L2s on Ethereum. CDK addresses limitations in existing solutions, providing high security, seamless interoperability, and access to Ethereum's liquidity.

As part of the Polygon 2.0 vision, CDK contributes to building the value layer of the internet, simplifying the creation and exchange of value.

Who's Building Using Polygon CDK?



Celestia, a leading data availability solution, is integrating with Polygon's Chain Development Kit to launch ZK-Powered Layer 2 chains on Ethereum. This collaboration simplifies the process of launching high-throughput Layer 2 chains, enhancing blockchain scaling.

Celestia's data availability layer, known for reducing Ethereum Layer 2 transaction fees by over 100 times, will soon be seamlessly integrated into Polygon CDK. Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal describes the integration as a "broadband moment for Web3," emphasizing its potential to transform blockchain adoption. The collaboration enhances the user-friendly approach of Polygon CDK, which is already used by notable projects like OKX, Astar, Canto, Gnosis Pay, Palm, and IDEX.



OKX, a prominent crypto exchange and Web3 ecosystem, is introducing a ZK Layer 2 network on Ethereum using the Polygon Chain Development Kit. This initiative positions OKX as a core contributor to Polygon CDK, reinforcing its commitment to advancing Ethereum scaling solutions.

The newly launched network, named X1, leverages ZK proofs for heightened security, scalability, and reduced transaction costs. Operating as a native network, X1 connects OKX's expansive user base of over 50 million to the broader Polygon and Ethereum communities. X1's native token will be OKX's platform token, OKB, facilitating payment for gas fees on the network.

X1, designed for builders, creators, and Web3 enthusiasts, is compatible with Ethereum, allowing seamless deployment of EVM based dApps. It ensures connectivity with various smart contracts, wallets, and tools. The network's testnet is currently live.


NEAR Protocol

Polygon Labs and NEAR Foundation are collaborating to develop a ZK prover specifically designed for Wasm blockchains. This zkWasm prover aims to bridge the gap between Wasm-based chains and the Ethereum ecosystem, including the growing multi-chain network of Polygon CDK chains.

As part of this partnership, NEAR Foundation also becomes a core contributor to Polygon CDK. The zkWasm prover will enhance customizability for developers using Polygon CDK, offering multiple prover options for building, launching, or migrating EVM chains, and creating Wasm chains aligned with Ethereum for increased liquidity access.



Flipkart, a prominent digital commerce platform in India, is set to scale its FireDrops Web3 loyalty program by launching a dedicated chain using the Polygon CDK. FireDrops 2.0, powered by Hang’s loyalty platform, aims to revolutionize user engagement by providing millions of Flipkart users with rewarding experiences and encouraging brand loyalty through gamification.

Since its September launch, FireDrops has garnered over 3.3 million wallets holding at least one NFT, with a significant portion belonging to women. Flipkart is leveraging Polygon CDK to build an Ethereum zero-knowledge Layer 2 network dedicated to FireDrops, ensuring scalability for future growth.

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Hyper Oracle

HyperOracle is partnering with Polygon CDK to integrate its zkOracle protocol, bringing applications like fully decentralized stablecoins and AI-powered dApps. The zkOracle protocol facilitates programmable oracle solutions for verifiable compute, on-chain data access, and AI inference. The collaboration aims to empower developers with enhanced security and decentralization for trustless automation and on-chain AI/ML in decentralized applications.

The integration with HyperOracle's zkOracle is expected to unlock new use cases, fostering innovation and growth in the DeFi sector.



Gateway, a leading blockchain infrastructure team, is integrating its Erigon node, cdk-erigon, with the Polygon Chain Development Kit. This addition to Polygon CDK provides infrastructure providers with an ultra-fast and memory-optimized execution client option.

Compared to zkNode on Polygon zkEVM, cdk-erigon offers 10x less disk space usage and over 150 times faster sync times on mainnet. As the second execution client supporting Polygon CDK, cdk-erigon positions it as the industry's first multi-client zkEVM tech stack. Gateway, comprised of Ethereum Foundation's core developers, contributes to Polygon CDK, aiming to accelerate high-performance client development for the ecosystem.


Listed above, are just some of the most recent blockchain ecosystems utilizing Polygon CDK. The Polygon Chain Development Kit is now a crucial technology widely adopted by major blockchain ecosystems. Offering easy creation of ZK-Powered Layer 2 chains. As the Polygon CDK community grows, it stands as a catalyst for innovation, promising enhanced security, scalability, and seamless value exchange across interconnected networks. Stay tuned for further developments in the evolving Polygon CDK ecosystem.

There are sure to be many more that are either launching, or planning to launch using the Chain Development Kit in the near future.

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