A Comprehensive Look at Aztec Network Zero-Knowledge Rollup

A Comprehensive Look at Aztec Network's Zero-Knowledge Rollup

Aztec Network is a platform that brings privacy and scalability to decentralized applications on Ethereum. Its focus on user privacy, accessibility, and compliance makes it an attractive solution for businesses and individuals who value their privacy and want to access decentralized applications without compromising security or cost.


Aztec Network (website) is a revolutionary platform that brings privacy and scalability to decentralized applications on Ethereum. It is the first private ZK-rollup that enables users to access their favorite applications privately while reducing transaction costs by up to 100 times. The network is secured by the industry-standard PLONK proving mechanism used by the leading zero-knowledge scaling projects, ensuring the highest levels of security and integrity.

The team behind Aztec Network believes that decentralization is based on individual rights. Without widely accessible privacy, our ability to choose how we live and earn our livelihoods is compromised. The platform is designed to deliver privacy without compromise, offering users complete control over their data and transactions.

Aztec is built with a privacy-first architecture from the ground up, making it the only zero-knowledge roll-up that prioritizes user privacy. This approach ensures that users can access their favorite applications on Layer 1 entirely privately without worrying about their data being exposed to unauthorized parties. This is a breakthrough in the field of blockchain technology, as it provides a level of privacy that was previously impossible to achieve.

In addition to its privacy-first architecture, Aztec Network is also highly accessible. By proving transaction validity through zero-knowledge proofs on Ethereum, the platform reduces transaction costs by up to 100 times. This makes it significantly more cost-effective than other solutions, making it ideal for users who want to access decentralized applications without breaking the bank.

Despite its focus on privacy, Aztec Network also complies with all relevant regulations. Its programmable private system supports opt-in audibility and compliance, ensuring that users can enjoy the benefits of privacy while remaining fully compliant with regulatory requirements. This is a significant advantage for businesses and organizations that must maintain strict compliance standards.

Aztec was founded initially as a platform for institutional finance on blockchain, and later pivoted to developing zk technology. It released PlonK in 2019, zk.money in 2021, and Aztec Connect in 2022, and plans to launch Noir in Q2, 2023.

A Comprehensive Look at Aztec network's Zero-Knowledge Rollup


PlonK is a zero-knowledge technology used by various blockchain projects, including Aztec, Mina, Dust, zkSync, and Polygon Zero, to provide efficient and secure transaction processing. PlonK stands for Permutations over Lagrange-bases for Oecumenical Non-Interactive arguments of Knowledge, which is a mouthful which may sound confusing to non-experts.

In simple terms, PlonK is a type of SNARK (Succinct, Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) technology that enables zero-knowledge proofs. Zero-knowledge proofs are a method for proving the validity of a statement without revealing any additional information beyond the statement's truth. This approach is essential for ensuring user privacy and security in decentralized applications.

PlonK is based on mathematical principles that allow for creating efficient and secure zero-knowledge proofs. These principles involve using permutations over Lagrange bases, which are mathematical functions that can be used to create polynomials. Using polynomials allows for efficient zero-knowledge proofs that can be verified without interaction between parties.

PlonK is a powerful technology that creates secure and efficient zero-knowledge proofs. However, there are other types of zero-knowledge technology available. Another type of technology is STARK (Scalable Transparent ARguments of Knowledge), which is more scalable and resilient in theory but less battle-tested than PlonK. The relationship between PlonK and STARK is similar to that between optimistic and zero-knowledge roll-ups. Optimistic roll ups may be technically inferior to zero-knowledge roll-ups. Still, they have gained more traction and are more battle-tested.

Aztec Network's first product

Aztec has developed an application called zk.money that provides complete privacy and up to 100x cost savings for Ethereum DeFi users. With zk.money, users can send funds to the application and create private notes on Layer 2. These private notes can be traded, staked, and used to earn yield, just like normal Ethereum assets. However, all transactions are privacy-shielded via zero-knowledge proofs.

The entire zk.money system is designed to account for users' assets on the Ethereum mainnet via a fully encrypted state system. When users deposit funds into Aztec, Aztec generates cash-like encrypted notes through its off-chain UTXO state system. The state tree updates new encrypted messages as transactions are submitted and executed. Only the owner can see the content of the notes, ensuring that user identity and account balance are fully preserved.

One of the significant benefits of using zk.money is that it batches user transactions, executes them on Ethereum mainnet, and returns the funds pro-rata to the users on Layer 2. By doing so, the application effectively splits gas costs among users, resulting in significant cost savings. This kind of savings is typical of rollups, a layer 2 scaling solution that bundles many transactions into a single batch to reduce the number of interactions with the Ethereum mainnet.

It is worth noting that the current version of zk.money is not entirely decentralized. It relies on Aztec as the sole rollup provider, with Aztec responsible for relaying transactions between Ethereum mainnet and Layer 2. However, zk.money plans to integrate more rollup providers in the future, making the system more decentralized.

Seamless integration

Aztec Connect is a powerful SDK developed by Aztec that allows any Ethereum protocol to integrate with Aztec's private roll-up seamlessly. With Aztec Connect, developers can easily create and submit transactions to the Aztec roll-up and enable the roll-up to communicate with Ethereum smart contracts.

One of the primary advantages of Aztec Connect is that it functions like a proxy service for DeFi, enabling users to deposit into Aztec while still being able to interact with Ethereum mainnet protocols. By leveraging Aztec's private roll-up, users can enjoy the benefits of increased privacy and reduced transaction costs without sacrificing the ability to access popular Ethereum protocols.

Aztec Connects functionality is essential for DeFi applications. When users send funds to another zk.money account, the recipient receives shielded $ETH. This means the recipient can interact with the funds using standard Ethereum protocols while maintaining their privacy. On the other hand, if the recipient is a regular Ethereum address, the wallet will receive regular $ETH, and the transaction will be visible on Etherscan as having been sent from Aztec's contract.

Aztec Connects privacy-enhancing features are precious in the DeFi space, where privacy is becoming an increasingly important concern for users. By enabling users to transact on a private roll-up, Aztec Connect is helping to ensure that users can protect their financial privacy while still accessing the full range of features offered by Ethereum's growing DeFi ecosystem.

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Privacy at the forefront

Aztec's mission to provide privacy without compromise places it at the forefront of the privacy-focused blockchain space. Privacy is a critical component of decentralized finance, and Aztec technology offers complete privacy to its users. Unlike other solutions that utilize various techniques to obfuscate user activity, Aztec's private roll-up provides complete privacy without sacrificing performance or cost savings.

Aztec's implementation of zero-knowledge proofs enables privacy at the protocol level, which is critical to its long-term sustainability. The privacy-first architecture of Aztec Network and the use of PLONK zero-knowledge proofs ensure that user privacy is protected in every transaction.

Furthermore, the broader blockchain community has recognized Aztec's approach to privacy. The company has received support from high-profile investors such as ConsenSys, Libertus Capital, and Coinbase Ventures.

Aztec technology is focused on more than just the DeFi space. Its open-source SDK, Aztec Connect, enables developers to integrate their protocols into Aztec's private roll-up. This flexibility means Aztec's privacy technology can be utilized in various cases beyond DeFi.

Noir, Aztec's Rust-based programming language for creating and verifying zero-knowledge proofs, is another crucial component of Aztec's technology stack. With Noir, developers can create and verify zero-knowledge proofs without a profound understanding of cryptography. This approach lowers the barrier to entry for developers, making it easier for them to build zero-knowledge applications.

A Comprehensive Look at Aztec's Zero-Knowledge Rollup


Aztec is a promising platform that provides privacy and scalability for decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. Its zero-knowledge roll-up and SDK solutions offer privacy without compromising accessibility or compliance.

Aztec's unique architecture allows for fully private transactions on Layer 1 while reducing transaction costs by up to 100x. Its off-chain UTXO state system and PlonK proving mechanism ensure user data privacy and transactions. Additionally, the Aztec Connect SDK enables any Ethereum protocol to be integrated into Aztec's private roll-up, allowing developers to create and submit transactions with added privacy and reduced costs.

Furthermore, Aztec's Rust-based programming language, Noir, aims to democratize zero-knowledge application development by removing the need for cryptography expertise and fostering a robust developer community around its zero-knowledge technology.

Overall, Aztec has the potential to revolutionize the privacy landscape in the decentralized finance space, and it will be interesting to see how its technology develops and expands over time. As such, Aztec is worth watching for those interested in privacy-focused decentralized applications.

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