Soldiers attacking a castle - How to Earn in League of Kingdoms game guide

The Ultimate Guide to Playing and Winning in League of Kingdoms

The Ultimate Guide to Playing and Winning in League of Kingdoms provides tips and strategies to help players improve their gameplay, show how to earn, and achieve success in the game.

League of Kingdoms Guide

If you're new to League of Kingdoms, you may be wondering how to get started and what strategies to use to succeed in this exciting online strategy game. League of Kingdoms is set in a vibrant medieval world and combines elements of city-building, resource management, and warfare. As a player, you take on the role of a lord or lady seeking to build and expand your own kingdom while competing against other players for resources and territory. With its immersive gameplay, complex systems, and social features, League of Kingdoms has become a popular choice for gamers who enjoy strategy games and medieval history.

In this article, we'll provide a thorough guide to everything you need to know about League of Kingdoms, covering everything from the basics of gameplay mechanics to advanced tactics. Whether you're new to the game or an experienced player, our guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills to build a strong and prosperous kingdom and emerge victorious on the battlefield. So, let's explore the exciting world of League of Kingdoms and discover its secrets together!

Gameplay overview:

League of Kingdoms is a groundbreaking NFT MMO strategy game that revolutionizes the world of blockchain gaming. Unlike traditional turn-based games, card games, and RPGs dominating the blockchain gaming market, LoK introduced real-time strategy gameplay and innovative play-to-earn features, providing a fresh and exciting experience to NFT gamers.

In addition to its cutting-edge gameplay, LoK boasts impressive 3D graphics that set it apart from other popular NFT games such as Mir M and Axie Infinity: Origins.

In this article, we'll provide a detailed overview of LoK's gameplay and share three key strategies for success:

Develop your kingdom by gathering resources: To build a powerful kingdom, you must gather resources by constructing farms, quarries, lumber mills, and gold mines. Upgrading your City Hall increases your resource gathering and troop limit capabilities.

Create your army by training troops and attacking kingdoms and monsters: Building a superior army is essential in LoK. You can train troops by constructing a barracks and use them to defend your kingdom or launch attacks against monsters or other kingdoms.

Strengthen your kingdom's defenses against enemy attacks: With LoK's focus on clashing kingdoms, defending your kingdom against attacks is critical. Building and upgrading walls improves your defenses and increases your chances of success.

If you've played games like Rise of Kingdoms and Clash of Clans before, LoK's gameplay will feel familiar, and you'll be able to master the game quickly. Join the NFT gaming revolution today and experience the excitement of League of Kingdoms!

Soldiers attacking a castle in League of Kingdoms, a blockchain-based strategy game with web3 and crypto elements
Soldiers attacking a castle in League of Kingdoms game

Everything about League of Kingdoms LAND you need to know


Out of all tokens in the League of Kingdoms universe, Land tokens definitely stand out. LOKL token underpins the entire game ecosystem with its tokenized real estate and DAI reward pool.


In simple terms, you can own and develop your Land to get rewards. Various development activities either by yourself or fellow kingdoms (general gamer players) will add Dev-points to your Land. The Dev-point will decide your daily DAI rewards and your Land level for the next cycle, which will determine the quality of resources spawn on your Land.


If Land token is the centerpiece of your blockchain end of the game, Kingdom is the key to your gameplay. You will start from a small primitive city-state and develop it into a powerful juggernaut. This article provides important insights into the kingdom, resources, and monsters.


One of the very unique features of League of Kingdoms is its treasure & skill system. There are artifacts that can be crafted and used to unlock special magical abilities that can actively be used for gameplay.

If this sounds confusing to you, the game has a very good ingame guide that also guides you through the process. You can directly play from your phone or in the browser of the game and after a few minuts you will have a good feeling on how the game and land works.

An in-game land in League of Kingdoms where players can construct buildings and structures to strengthen their kingdom
League of Kingdoms Land: A virtual space where players can build and expand their kingdoms in the blockchain-based game.

League Of Kingdoms community

Upon first glance, the League of Kingdoms community appears to be rather extensive with a significant following as of May 5th, 2023. To be exact, their Twitter account has amassed a total of 113,000 followers while their Discord server boasts a membership of 62,599. In contrast, their Facebook group has a comparatively modest membership of 3,700, although this does not detract from the community's overall appeal. It's noteworthy that they focus solely on these platforms, and this laser focus on what's working and popular in gaming is a strategic decision.

There is a notable drop-off in membership between Facebook and the other two platforms, but League of Kingdoms' regular updates and frequent interactions on both Twitter and Discord are indicators of a thriving and active community, making it an ideal space for any avid gamer to join.

The Web3 and play-to-earn game, has continued to expand its ecosystem with new developments. The game has already garnered more than 500,000 app downloads, and its team recently announced an exciting partnership with Fractal, one of the leading hubs on Solana that now also supports Ethereum-based games.

Two League of Kingdoms flying dragon NFTs in mid-air.
Two flying dragons, Drago NFTs in League of Kingdoms

The TEAM and Partnerships

The blockchain-based MMORTS game developed by NOD Games, a renowned Korean game studio with years of experience in mobile gaming. Led by the CEO Chanki Lee, CTO Steve Hwang, and Chief Game Designer Edgar Kim, the team comprises seasoned software engineers who have previously worked at major game studios like Electronic Arts and NEXON.

Their expertise has allowed them to create an immersive gaming experience that integrates blockchain technology, which has garnered them much attention in the blockchain gaming industry. The development of League of Kingdoms began as early as 2020, demonstrating NOD Games' foresight as one of the earlier entrants into the blockchain gaming market.

League of Kingdoms has seen tremendous support from investors, raising $3M in a token round led by crypto VC Hashed, with participation from top investors like a16z, Sequoia, Blocktower, Binance Labs, and Yield Guild Games. The game's own governance token LOKA debuted on Binance's launchpad ICO in Jan 2022, cementing its position as a top player in the blockchain gaming industry.

Since then, League of Kingdoms has formed several partnerships with other industry players, such as Polygon Studios, which powers some of the game's resource NFTs and in-game skins, as well as P2E metaverse guilds like IndiGG and Avocado DAO. These partnerships leverage the game's strong player metrics and offer an opportunity to expand to other communities.

League of Kingdoms' dedication to blockchain technology and its expertise in mobile gaming has allowed it to create an engaging gaming experience that continues to attract attention from both investors and players alike. As the first MMORTS blockchain game, it has solidified its position as a top player in the industry and is poised to continue its growth as it expands to other communities.

League of Kingdoms partnership with Trinito
League of Kingdoms partnership with Trinito


League of Kingdoms' governance token, LOKA, is a key component of its ecosystem, with a maximum supply of 500,000,000 tokens. The token had its public sale on Binance Launchpad in January 2022, with 5% of the total token supply sold at a price of $0.16. Before the launchpad ICO, a private round took place, and 6.2% of the supply was sold at $0.1 to raise $3.1 million for the project.

The LOKA token has a relatively linear emission schedule over five years until full issuance, as depicted in the following infographic. It is expected to have several utilities, including staking for earning yield, rewards for landowners transitioning from previously DAI or BUSD rewards, governance voting, purchasing skins and in-game resources, and acquiring the Drago NFTs that are due to come in 1H 2022.

Moreover, with the upcoming release of Drago NFTs, the ecosystem will introduce a secondary token called Dragon Soul Token (DST). This inflationary token will only be minted organically in the game by interacting with in-game content and will be the utility token for improving the NFT assets in the game such as the Dragos. Additionally, League of Kingdoms' ecosystem includes several other game assets that can be traded as tokens, including land NFTs on Ethereum mainnet, skins NFTs on Polygon network, and resource tokens available as NFTs on both ETH mainnet and Polygon. These assets can be browsed and purchased on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

League of Kingdoms' ecosystem is well thought-out and aims to provide players with various opportunities to engage with the game while enjoying the benefits of blockchain technology. As the game continues to expand and attract more users, the LOKA token and its utilities are expected to become even more valuable.

Image of Drago NFT and LOKA governance token, depicting the connection between in-game assets and cryptocurrency tokens in League of Kingdoms.
A promotional image for League of Kingdoms featuring a Drago NFT on the left side and the LOKA governance token on the right side. The Drago NFT is depicted as a fierce dragon with purple and gold coloring, while the LOKA token is shown with a gold shield emblem and a red background.

Closing thoughts:

League of Kingdoms offers a fun gaming experience with a community that is engaged and active. The gameplay is similar to mobile games that incentivize players to return for daily tasks. If you enjoy tower defense games or games that allow you to pick up where you left off at any time, this is a great option. However, while it is a solid mobile game, it may struggle to compete in the fiercely competitive mobile gaming industry in the long run. Ultimately, time will tell if it can achieve lasting success and become a major player in the mobile gaming space.

“Be a part of the Flagship community revolutionizing the economy; our captains are the map makers.”

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