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Virtex Stadium the Web3 Version of Twitch?

Virtex Stadium aims to revolutionize the live-streaming experience for esports and bring the feeling of a live event to every fan worldwide.

Will Virtex (website) become the new way we experience live-streaming and watch competitions online?

Virtex is built on a passion for esports and its most significant moments. Having been a part of it as competitors, organizers, and fans, we cherish the unique atmosphere of a live show.

We choose the stadium over the stream every time.

Their mission:

Their mission is to bring a live event's intense excitement and joy to every fan worldwide. We partner with publishers, organizers, teams, brands, and creators. Together, we build previously impossible experiences with endless creative opportunities. We bring esports fans closer to the shows, games, and teams they love. By bringing the true feeling of a live event into a virtual world, Virtex Stadium aims to be home to the most memorable and unique events in gaming.

Their vision:

The future of live entertainment is immersive, interactive, and accessible from wherever and whenever. Say goodbye to the limitations of 2D screens. There is a better way. Imagine if you could only watch TV football matches and never experience a real-life stadium. What if the stadium came to you? This is the vision that Virtex Stadium delivers.

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The team:

This is where it gets interesting; most web3 gaming projects don’t seem to have numerous team members with senior experience in the web2 gaming industry. Virtex has advisors from top developers such as Riot Games and PlayStation. In addition, they have a general manager coming from one of the best esports teams, so my hopes are very high that they get it right!

The history of building Virtex:

The idea and concept started to shape in 2017, but it was only in 2019 that both founders first met and started creating a concrete plan for his. Then, in 2020 they started building on the project, and by 2021 they already had a development team of 10 members. They were looking for funds from these milestones, and they managed to raise $3.2 Million of seed funding for their project!

What to expect from Virtex Stadium?

Anyone watching competitive games on twitch or YouTube will be amazed by this project. Additionally, if you are genuinely an esports fan and lover, you can have the “Arena feeling” straight from home. You can choose which camera to control or just walk around the stadium and look at how the players play in real-time.

Of course, this is not the first or only virtual stadium concept being worked on, but this is unique because they already partner with the biggest game developers and teams in the industry. Furthermore, the software they are providing is unique. For example, you see a counterstrike match in 3D with a 2D screen behind it as if you were watching a soccer match in a stadium.

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Closing thoughts:

I feel this could take over how we watch games today; now, there is a link to a live stream where you can watch it on your phone, TV, or pc. But this is a new experience that also still taps into the 2D viewing experience for someone who wants to watch it like this.

Keeping an eye out as they are in closed beta now but are set to launch this year!

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