Top Arweave Ecosystem projects

Top 6 Projects Built within the Arweave Ecosystem

Arweave, a blockchain-based decentralized storage network, has been gaining traction due to its unique approach to permanent data storage. Here are some prominent projects built on Arweave

The rise of cloud storage service providers was associated with increased convenience and efficiency, among other benefits. Despite these, they are centralized systems and thus have significant drawbacks, especially regarding data breaches. 

As it stands, there is a need to rethink the future of data storage seriously. A massively increasing volume of data is generated daily, and the global data storage market will be worth $800 billion by 2032, up from about $218 billion today.

In response to the challenges with centralized storage systems, various decentralized platforms have emerged, particularly by leveraging blockchain technology to enhance the security and availability of data. The immutability of the blockchain provides a reliable foundation for ensuring transparency and integrity.

Use cases for such decentralized storage platforms include not only storing blockchain transaction data but also internet archiving, storing digital art and NFTs, securing institutional data, scientific research data preservation, healthcare records, legal documents, and so many others.

Enter Arweave, the groundbreaking blockchain protocol designed to provide truly permanent data storage. Its primary innovation is the ‘permaweb,’ a permanent and decentralized web built for indefinite data storage. Arweave has evolved into a diverse ecosystem of several projects utilizing its permanent storage capabilities.

In this article, we look at some of the exceptional projects built upon Arweave and their core features to examine the immense potential of the ecosystem.


Akord one of top arweave ecosystem projects

Akord is a platform designed to secure and tokenize assets, offering crypto rewards to users who upload data. The platform aims to provide a secure and permanent storage solution for valuable digital assets, such as NFTs, by leveraging the Arweave blockchain. Akord also offers cloud storage for users needing a more traditional solution. Cloud storage is free for up to 1 GB, with paid plans providing more.


  • Secure storage for NFT assets with rewards for uploads.
  • 100 MB of free blockchain storage and over 1,000,000 assets secured on-chain.
  • Simplified Web3 integration for creators and developers.
  • Permanent data storage, ensuring data is stored for at least 200 years.
  • Subscription plans, offering varying levels of cloud storage and support.

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Permapages allows users to create and manage permanent web3 profiles and pages on Arweave. One of the critical features of Permapages is its seamless integration with the Arweave ecosystem. Users can log in with their Arweave wallets (ArConnect or and claim their custom subdomain through the ArNS (Arweave Name Service) pilot program. This gives users a unique and permanent web3 identity on the permaweb. All user-generated content, including profiles, page sources, and web pages, is stored on the Arweave blockchain, ensuring its permanence and accessibility forever.


  • Immutable data storage on Arweave; ensuring permanent access to profiles and content.
  • User-friendly interface to create web3 profiles without advanced technical skills.
  • Permapages allows users to upload a variety of content to their pages
  • Widgets such as social media links and contact forms can be added to pages.



ArDrive is a decentralized storage application built on the Arweave blockchain. It presents itself as a superior alternative to traditional cloud storage services (think Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc.) by offering a permanent file storage solution. Unlike cloud services that require monthly subscriptions, ArDrive operates on a one-time payment model and implements top-level encryption to ensure data security. Its use cases include individuals storing their personal files, creators and collectors of NFTs, developers building applications on the Arweave ecosystem, enterprises, etc.


  • One-time payment for storage; no subscriptions.
  • Enhanced security with encryption and anonymous access through self-custodial wallets.
  • Open-source platform with no storage restrictions. You only pay for what you use.
  • No storage limitations are applicable.


everPay is a real-time financial protocol for blockchains developed by everFinance.

It aims to provide a seamless and cost-effective solution for asset transfers and cross-chain interoperability across multiple blockchain networks, including Arweave, Ethereum, Moonbeam, Conflux, BNB Chain, and PlatON. Unlike traditional blockchains, where transfers have a wait time to be packaged, everPay transactions are verified and cached by its servers, enabling assets to arrive in real time without waiting for on-chain confirmation.


  • Real-time transaction verification and caching.
  • Free transfers using a storage-based consensus paradigm.
  • Multi-chain support.
  • Future plans to support traditional Web2 accounts and more cross-chain assets.

AO (Actor-Oriented)


AO (Actor-Oriented) Computer is a highly scalable, hyper-parallel computing environment built on Arweave, designed to handle intensive computations and large datasets. It achieves computation synchronization through message-passing, creating a unified computing environment. AO's scalability, facilitated by this parallel processing capability, surpasses existing blockchains, and its modular architecture provides sovereignty and flexibility for applications built on it. AO leverages the Arweave network for permanent data storage, enabling trustless computation verification and access to unbounded data resources.


  • Parallel execution of computations, enhancing scalability.
  • Modular architecture. This provides flexibility in virtual machines, security models, and payment options.
  • Capable of hosting applications that require extensive data handling and computational resources, such as AI.
  • Decentralized operating system that enables trustless and cooperative computing services.
  • Processes on AO operate with cryptographic security, ensuring unbiased and perpetual operation



ArConnect is a secure, non-custodial wallet management solution for the Arweave ecosystem. It provides a simple and effective way for users to interact with Permaweb applications built on Arweave. One of the critical features of ArConnect is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the management of Arweave and aoComputer (AO network) token balances and NFTs across multiple wallets. Users can easily switch accounts and oversee real-time on-chain transaction history with just a few clicks. It can be installed easily as a browser extension.


  • Comprehensive asset management across multiple wallets
  • Simplified integration for developers through an easy-to-use API and debugging tools
  • Seamless dApp interaction across Arweave and AO
  • Multi-browser extension support

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The projects being built in the Arweave ecosystem showcase the immense potential of decentralized and permanent data storage solutions. As the world continues to generate massive amounts of data, the importance of platforms like Arweave and the innovative projects built on it will only continue to grow.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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