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Exploring the Best Crypto Telegram Bots: Enhancing Your Telegram Experience

Telegram bot tokens represent a new class of tokens tied to bots. They're primarily used to facilitate automated trading transactions for users.


Telegram bot tokens represent a new class of tokens tied to bots. They're primarily used to facilitate automated trading transactions for users. A good example is the Unibot, the most used Telegram bot. This bot token enables automated trading on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. These bot tokens are essentially small software programs performing specific roles within Telegram chats or public channels. They're particularly useful for decentralized applications, where they allow users to conduct on-chain trading or farming strategies right from their messaging app. A diverse range of features come along with Telegram bot tokens, though they're predominantly employed for trading.

Estimating the potential total attainable market for Telegram bot tokens is challenging, given the newness and fast-paced evolution of this market. But the fact that the market capitalization of these tokens has already surpassed $160 million, with trading volumes nearing $140 million, underscores the potential for significant returns for savvy traders. Several factors contribute to the rise of Telegram bot tokens. Firstly, the user-friendly platform of Telegram and the popularity of its messaging app make it a compelling choice for traders and investors. Secondly, Telegram bots streamline the process of executing trades on decentralized exchanges, simplifying cryptocurrency trading for users. Lastly, the recent surge in the value of these bot tokens is linked to the increasing interest in DeFi and the potential for substantial returns. With over 100 different telegram bots to choose from. These are our picks for the current best telegram bots.

Telegram Bots

Trading Bots


Unibot works through telegram, which offers a smooth trading experience. Unibot is six times faster than Uniswap. Unibot became the leading trading bot because of its fast execution time. Unibot has over $140 million in trading volume, this goes to show why the token has appreciated so quickly. Another reason why it appreciated so quickly is because of its revenue sharing features. 40% of transaction fees and 1% of the total $UNIBOT traded volume go to token holders.

After 24 hours, you can receive these incentives, which are calculated every two hours. Additionally, Unibot has a useful referral scheme. Holders can create a referral code that bestows them with extra advantages. For instance, the referrer gets a 20% discount on their transaction fees in addition to receiving 25% of the transaction fees from users that utilize their link. Unibot's limit order and mirror sniper tools allow users to implement their trading strategies with accuracy. Unibot also offers at the moment alerts on newly generated tokens. Users may quickly add tokens and snipe them with only one click thanks to this feature. Unibot has over 5000 users that are earning revenue on their staked $UNIBOT.

Unibot bot - one of the best telegram bots


Maestro Trading Bot is designed to simplify the buying and selling of crypto. It's especially useful for trading newly launched tokens, as it can execute trades the moment liquidity is added. With just a click, users can sell tokens, and the bot also offers advanced trading strategies and autoselling options to manage losses and secure profits. It even includes features to protect investments by attempting to frontrun liquidity rugs.

The Maestro Sniper Bot is accessible on any device that supports Telegram. It offers fast trading on BSC, ETH, ARB, and SRG chains, and includes a Telegram sniper bot for quick execution. Users will find easy options for liquidity, launch, and method sniping, along with a trading terminal equipped with high-end functions. The bot also provides anti-rug protection, simple entries for Pinksale presales, and powerful options for call channel sniping.

Using the Maestro bot is free, but a 1% tax is charged on every successful buy and sell transaction. Maestro also has, the 'Maestro Pro Bot' which is available as a premium version. At $200 a month, this subscription is designed for hardcore users and advanced day traders. It offers benefits like faster speeds, the ability to conduct more concurrent trades, and exclusive access to token indicators. According to the website, this subscription is meant to enhance the trading experience for serious participants.

Maestro telegram bot

Flagship highly recommends you to securely store your Crypto Assets to maximize security.

best telegram bots - Trezor Wallet

The Trezor wallet provides an unmatched level of protection, ensuring your coins are safe from hackers and malware.


WagieBot is designed to simplify various crypto actions such as buying, selling, transferring, trading, sniping, and copy trading. The easy-to-use interface allows users to access a wide range of advanced functionalities with just a few clicks.

One of the key features of WagieBot is its wallet support, providing AES512 Encryption, the ability to generate and import wallets, multi-wallet support, wallet-specific settings, and options for sending tokens and coins. It also includes sniping features like liquidity sniping, method sniping, auto and manual sniping, with channel and social sniping planned for the future.

Trading is made easy with features like contract pasting, honeypot checker, buy and sell presets, automatic LP fetching, instant orders, and support for ETH, ARBI, and BSC. Private transactions (AntiMev) are also available. Advanced trade monitoring offers tracking trades, stop-loss orders, take-profit orders, and dollar-cost-average orders (DCA). Copy trading includes multichain support, advanced buy/sell settings, copy buys, and copy sells.

WagieBot also has a referral program, and there are plans for a full auto bot, bridging between networks, leverage trading on GMX, and liquidity farming. Accessible through Telegram and soon on Discord, WagieBot's user-friendliness is the result of extensive research and design work. Even in its beta stage, it is fully operational and supported by a dedicated team, with comprehensive documentation and YouTube tutorials covering every feature.

WagieBot, one of the top telegram bots

AI Telegram Bots


PAAL, or Personalized AI Assistant, is an AI platform that enhances user experiences across various applications by using technologies like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and automation. It provides responses tailored to users' unique needs and preferences.

The core of PAAL's functionality lies in its ability to adapt to individual users. It ensures smooth interactions across different platforms, including Discord, Telegram, chatbot applications, and web links. By utilizing AI-powered language generation technology, PAAL offers instant and well-informed responses, saving users both time and effort. It employs NLP to understand user requirements and ML to continuously learn and adapt to their preferences.

Users have the option to create an account, upload custom datasets, and let PAAL's AI models do the work. They can deploy AI models directly or review and fine-tune them before deployment, maintaining full control over how PAAL is used.

Some of the standout features of PAAL include its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each user, seamless integration with platforms like Discord and Telegram, and the option to customize and scale AI models. It also efficiently handles inquiries using NLP and ML, offering users peace of mind.

PAAL AI - on the list of the  best telegram bots

Free ChatGPT Bot

Free ChatGPT (website) is a conversational AI chatbot designed to discuss a wide range of topics, answer questions, and provide detailed information. With its natural language understanding capabilities, Free ChatGPT Bot can engage users in rich, contextual conversations and learn from their inputs. Additionally, Free ChatGPT Bot is equipped with the latest advancements in natural language generation, which enables it to generate responses that are human-like and easy to understand. This makes it an excellent tool for educational purposes, as it can provide detailed explanations on complex topics in a conversational and approachable manner.

Free ChatGPT Bot is available to help you whenever you need it, whether you need assistance with your homework, want to talk, or have a special question. Its knowledge library includes information from a wide range of disciplines, such as science, technology, history, literature, and more, so users may get in-depth details on almost any subject of interest.

Chatgpt Bot


GenieBot is an AI-driven Telegram bot designed to handle project-related questions and provide support. It's a fresh and easy way to manage support for crypto projects on Telegram, learning from the information fed to it and synchronizing with the project's whitepaper or website.

The crypto space has seen phenomenal growth, leading to an immense flow of information. This growth has presented two primary challenges: information overload and inadequate moderation. Users often find it difficult to locate relevant information among the noise, leading to confusion. The 24/7 nature of the crypto community also means that users may ask complex questions at any time, and moderators might not always have the correct answers or be available to respond.

GenieBot's solution to these challenges is an AI-powered Telegram bot that offers a simple and reliable way to answer users' questions about specific crypto projects. By gathering all necessary information about a project, the bot can respond to various questions just like a human would, making communication clear and reducing confusion. Even when moderators are not around, the bot ensures that users receive accurate information, allowing project teams to focus on other tasks and enhancing the user experience in the community.

The features of GenieBot are quite robust, starting with the base model called Genie White. This prototype, currently live in beta, lays the groundwork for the project, offering key features that make it an invaluable asset for any crypto project on Telegram. GenieBot interacts with users in a human-like manner, quickly answering questions and providing accurate information. Utilizing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, it can interpret and respond to a wide range of questions, even those with complex phrasing or uncommon terminology.

The real-time knowledge base expansion feature allows the bot to continually expand its understanding, providing more accurate and helpful answers over time. Admins can also enhance GenieBot's intelligence by regularly adding new question-answer pairs and keeping it up-to-date with the latest project details. Additionally, the GenieBot team provides dedicated support during office hours, ensuring that users gain the most value from the bot.

Genie Bot

Airdrop farming Bot


LootBot is a Telegram bot designed to streamline participation in airdrops, making the process more efficient and secure. It allows users to discover, engage in, and track airdrop farming across various chains and protocols, all within the Telegram app. One of LootBot's unique features is its anti-sybil detection. Airdrop farming might be simple, but avoiding sybil detection to maximize qualification chances requires careful planning. LootBot utilizes randomized strategies to avoid repetition and lack of creativity in airdrop farming. It not only automates activities but also randomizes and constantly adopts new strategies suggested by experts and the community. This diversification across different accounts (wallets) maximizes the chances of receiving airdrops.

LootBot is also highly diligent in concealing on-chain movements. It ensures that funds are moved on-chain and interacted between wallets in a way that doesn't connect the farming wallet to any of LootBot's smart contracts or related wallets. When distributing funds between users' wallets, LootBot mixes the funds using standard solutions like Monero to completely conceal movements. Premium users even have the option to automate mixing funds through CEXes to guarantee a legitimate wallet transaction history.

LootBot also faces challenges when integrating with new protocols on emerging chains, mainly due to the lack of proper technical documentation. This requires developers to invest additional effort in reverse-engineering the protocol's functionalities and understanding its inner workings. The current estimated time for every new protocol integration is 24 hours, and it takes approximately 10 days to fully add a new chain to farm in LootBot.

Lootbot is one of the best telegram bots


CrocBot (website) offers a unique approach to airdrop farming within its ecosystem. The flagship product, CrocBot Swarms, enables users to deploy hundreds of addresses to farm popular airdrops based on their customized strategies​​. A CrocBot strategy consists of a blockchain, a list of routines, a number of addresses for farming, an average amount of ETH per address for funding, and a weekly frequency of actions, all of which are customizable and play a role in the distribution by airdropping protocols​​.

Routines in CrocBot Swarms are periodic actions on protocols like a DEX, an NFT marketplace, or other blockchain DApps. Users can choose from various actions such as swaps, adding or removing liquidity, or minting NFTs. These routines aim to bring organic activity to the farming strategy, enhancing its effectiveness. However, it's advised not to add too many routines as they increase weekly gas fees for operations​​.

To participate in airdrop farming with CrocBot, users need to prepare some ETH to fund the operations, which covers gas fees and other activities like swaps or liquidity provision. Funds can be withdrawn at any time, but this consolidates all farming funds to a single address, potentially disqualifying users for future airdrops since the addresses will be linked​​.

CrocBot Telegram airdrop farming bot

Crypto Wallet Tracker


Cielo is an information layer for web3, designed to create a real-time feed of on-chain activity. It filters this activity by transaction type, chain, and size, allowing users to make sense of the millions of transactions recorded on-chain every day. Unlike a simple block explorer, Cielo offers smarter tooling to discern what's happening on crypto networks and leverage this information to one's advantage.

The primary functions of Cielo are to monitor both personal and third-party transactions. Monitoring personal wallet addresses enables users to be notified of events such as payments, airdrops, NFT sales, or unauthorized transactions that could indicate a compromised wallet. On the other hand, monitoring third-party wallets allows users to be notified of events like DEX trades, token unlocks, NFT purchases by influencers, high-volume sales by known crypto companies, or new activity by wallets connected to major hacks.

Cielo provides insights into who's trading, how, where, and why. Users can add wallet addresses and ENS for various entities like top traders, influencers, team treasuries, whales, hedge funds, hackers, and heroes. Transactions are labeled with details like swap size, bet size, PnL, and direction (long or short). Users can watch the action unfold across all leading EVM chains and hundreds of protocols, all accurately named for ease of identification. Cielo's design makes it easy to decode the meaning behind significant trades and market movements.

The Cielo Wallet Tracker for Telegram is a user-friendly tool that can function independently or in conjunction with the Cielo web app. To initiate the bot, users simply open it in Telegram and press the blue Start button, revealing a menu to manage wallet settings. Adding a wallet or token is straightforward. Users click the blue menu icon and select the option to add a wallet or token. For wallets, they paste the address, add an optional name, choose the chains to track, and confirm. For tokens, they select the chain, enter the smart contract address, set a DEX swap threshold, and confirm.

Once a wallet is added, users have control over the transaction types they want to track. They can disable specific types by clicking on them and confirming their choice. Editing wallets and tokens is also simple, with options to adjust chains, transaction types, and minimum transaction sizes accessible through the blue menu icon and the /list option. Alert settings in the Cielo Wallet Tracker include a default Chart link, and users can choose the trading terminal for this link. Adjusting this setting involves selecting Alert Settings, then Chart, and choosing one of the four available terminals.

The bot offers additional features as well, such as options for setting group and channel alerts, disabling the bot, or resetting the chat. Overall, the Cielo Wallet Tracker for Telegram provides a flexible and convenient way to track wallets and tokens, customize alerts, and manage various settings, all within the familiar environment of the Telegram app.

Cielo Finance, on the telegram bots list


The Wallet Tracker in a Telegram bot like DexCheck (website) is designed to provide users with real-time updates and insights into their cryptocurrency wallets. This feature allows users to monitor their wallet balances, transaction history, and asset distribution directly through Telegram, offering convenience and accessibility. Key functionalities of the Wallet Tracker include:

  • Balance Monitoring: It likely offers the ability to track the current balance of various cryptocurrencies in the user's wallet, providing a quick overview of their holdings.
  • Transaction Alerts: Users might receive instant notifications for incoming and outgoing transactions, keeping them informed of all wallet activities.
  • Portfolio Analysis: The Wallet Tracker could provide insights into the distribution of assets within the wallet, helping users understand their portfolio's composition.
  • Historical Data: It might offer access to historical transaction data, enabling users to review past transactions for better financial tracking and analysis.
  • Security Features: Given the sensitive nature of wallet data, the Wallet Tracker would likely incorporate security measures to ensure that users' information remains protected.
  • Multi-Wallet Support: The feature might allow tracking of multiple wallets, making it easier for users with diversified portfolios to stay updated on all their assets.

The Wallet Tracker feature represents a significant convenience for crypto investors, offering them a simple yet comprehensive way to stay informed about their digital assets.

DexCheck, one of the best telegram bots

Final Thoughts

This was the list of the top best telegram bots. These tokens are emerging as powerful tools that facilitate a wide range of activities, from trading and investment to information management and user engagement. The examples discussed in this article showcase the diversity and potential of these innovations.

These developments signify a shift towards more accessible, user-friendly, and secure platforms in the crypto space. By leveraging the power of Telegram and integrating advanced technologies, these bot tokens are not only simplifying complex processes but also opening doors to new possibilities. The growth in market capitalization and trading volumes of these tokens highlights the growing interest and potential for significant returns.

In conclusion, the rise of Telegram bot tokens is a testament to the innovative spirit and adaptability of the crypto community. As these tools continue to evolve, they are likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized applications and the broader blockchain ecosystem. Whether you are a seasoned trader, a developer, or a newcomer to the world of crypto, these bot tokens offer something valuable for everyone, making the complex world of blockchain more accessible and engaging.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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