Screenshot of Tales of Elleria game featuring a tent in a forest environment

Tales of Elleria: The Multiplayer RPG You Need to Try in 2023

Tales of Elleria is a multiplayer RPG that is a must-try for gamers in 2023. With its immersive ecosystem, engaging gameplay, and unique features like NFTs and native tokens, Tales of Elleria offers a fresh and exciting experience for RPG fans.

Tales of Elleria is an immersive three-dimensional role-playing GameFi project built on Arbitrum One. Summon heroes, take on assignments, go on quests and epic adventures to battle dangerous monsters earn tremendous rewards. In the game, players can explore a vast world filled with various creatures, fight enemies, and collect loot. The game also features crafting and base building elements, as well as a deep and complex skill system. Players can choose from different classes and races, and can form parties with other players to complete quests and take on challenges together.

In order to play the you do need to have a cryptowallet and a minimum balance of 0.00001 ETH


Tales of Elleria is a fully PVE-focused game that requires players to purchase character NFTs from the Trove marketplace. The game features several classes to choose from, including Mages, Rangers, Assassins, Warriors, Berserkers, and Machinists. Each character has six statistics that determine its rarity and difficulty level in completing quests: Strength, Agility, Vitality, Endurance, Intelligence, and Will.

Once players acquire their characters, they enter Elleria, a simple 2D world accessible from a browser. The world offers several different locations, including the Adventurer's Guild and the City Gates, where players can access basic shops and accept assignments. Completing these assignments earns players $MEDALS, the game's off-chain in-game currency, which can be used to level up characters or unlock quests of varying difficulty levels.

To jump into the game, it's important to understand the core gameplay loop:

Mint Heroes: Head over to the Summoning Altar and mint new heroes to join your party. You can also buy heroes from the marketplace.

Send Heroes on Assignments for $MEDALS: Heroes can complete assignments to earn $MEDALS, which are used to send them on quests.

Use $MEDALS to send heroes on Quests for $ELM: Quests offer rewards in $ELM, which can be used to mint new heroes or boost their stats.

Rinse and Repeat: Keep sending your heroes on assignments and quests to level up and earn more rewards.

To make the most out of the game, here are some additional tips:

Bridge your heroes and relics into the game to enable gasless transactions.

Understand your heroes and prioritize leveling up CS heroes to farm $MEDALS.

Use scrolls to alter your base stats for assignments and quests.

Optimize your quest strategy by sending heroes on the right quests based on their stats and level.

Stick to "Goblin Plains - Adventure Begins" for $MEDALS and relic drops if you have level 1 common heroes.

Participate in boosts events and complete daily tasks for additional rewards.

For a deeper dive, check out the guide on how to mint CS and Questoors heroes, understand combat attributes, and learn more about crafting and quest optimization. Join the community on Discord and share your battle and mint results to help build a strong community.

And if you're looking for alternative ways to earn $ELM, learn more about MagicSwap and Liquidity Provision.

Characters enjoying a peaceful moment under a tree in Tales of Elleria game.
A group of Tales of Elleria characters enjoying a peaceful moment under a tree.

Tokenomics of Elleria: Understanding the Tokens and NFTs Used in the Game

Elleria is a Metaverse that uses various tokens and NFTs to create an immersive gaming experience. In this article, we will explore the different tokens used in TELL and their roles within Elleria's ecosystem.

Heroes - NFT (base characters with progression system)

Heroes are ERC721 NFTs that represent the souls of champions from other realms. These NFTs can be summoned using Ellerium ($ELM), which is the main currency in Elleria. Heroes can exist as a soul (out of the game, without progression) or be given a physical body (sent into the game, with progression).

Equipment - NFT (character progression)

Equipment is another type of ERC721 NFT that heroes wear to improve their combat capabilities. Different heroes wear different kinds of equipment obtained from quests or the blacksmith. With equipment, heroes can progress further and attempt more challenging quests, which reward better items, allowing for natural progression within the game.

Drops/Relics - NFT (crafting/boosts/consumables/resources)

Drops/Relics are ERC1155 NFTs that represent precious artifacts found throughout Elleria. They have different uses ranging from passive effects, crafting ingredients, active consumables, and buffs. These NFTs can be obtained from divine gifts and crafting, which can permanently enhance your team's or an individual's capabilities when used appropriately.

$ELLERIUM (ELM) - Main Token

Ellerium ($ELM) is the main currency in Elleria and can be obtained in-game by clearing quests and defeating bosses. It is used to summon heroes, strengthen heroes, and create blessed equipment to allow for player progression. Ellerium is a rare natural resource found within the world of Elleria, said to be the crystallized blessing of the Goddess.

$MEDALS (MEDALS) - Supplementary Token

$MEDALS are a supplementary currency used for daily transactions within the City. Almost all in-game actions, such as strengthening heroes, repairing equipment, and preparing for quests require $MEDALS. However, $MEDALS are not recognized across some parts of the Metaverse.

Treasury & Safe Addresses

All funds will be secured in a multi-signature wallet through Gnosis Safe. Three founding members will control these wallets, and any transaction will require 3 out of 4 (+1) signatures to execute (+1 key is locked in a safe for backup in case of ledger loss etc). This setup helps protect against hacks that target the treasuries and prevents any team member from having the power to do anything independently without the rest of the team being aware of and consenting to it.

In conclusion, understanding the different tokens and NFTs used in Elleria is crucial to fully immerse yourself in the game. With the right knowledge, you can use these tokens and NFTs to your advantage and progress through the Metaverse. Check out the Safe Address: 0x69832Af74774baE99D999e7F74FE3F7d5833bF84 for more information on the Elleria treasury and safe addresses.

Tales of elleria gameplay
Tales of elleria gameplay

Tales Of Ellaria community

Keep in mind these numbers are from the date when I am writing this article:

Discord – 10.644 members / 1002 online

Twitter – 24.300 Followers -> Decent engagement / impressions on their posts

Medium – 399 Followers ->

This is the social platforms they have officially listed on their website, as a game developper a YouTube channel would be nice to add to this. All big game creators have a YouTube channel where they show gameplay, trailers and updates around the game. The community is rather small but they seem pretty legit something that is also very important. They focus on fewer platforms compared to other web3 game creators but Discord & Twitter are very popular amongst gamers so they are using the right channels.

Integration with TreasureDAO

You can find my article on TreasureDAO here but it is very cool to see they partner up with the platform and to see Treasure growing also.

This is what we can find from their whitepaper on the partnership:

We are thrilled to announce our integration with TreasureDAO, and excited to be a part of their ecosystem. As diehard fans of TreasureDAO, we are proud to have Tales of Elleria listed on the Trove Marketplace. The Heroes that are minted during the whitelist and public mint will be available to trade using $MAGIC. Be sure to check out TreasureDAO's whitepaper for more information on how to use the Treasure Marketplace.

To better align our long-term interests with TreasureDAO, we will be providing a commensurate value of NFTs and native tokens in return for $MAGIC grants through our Treasury Swap. Tales of Elleria will be exchanging 5% of all mintable NFTs, $MEDALS and $ELM for a $MAGIC grant emission schedule. This will enable our players to earn $MAGIC by playing Tales of Elleria.

Stay tuned for more updates on how to earn $MAGIC in the near future. Furthermore, TreasureDAO will be assisting us in bootstrapping our liquidity and funding in the initial stages of the project. Our native tokens ($MEDALS & $ELM) will be paired with $MAGIC in the primary liquidity pool. The liquidity pool seeded by TreasureDAO will also be launching on Treasure's AMM, if and when it is developed.

We would like to emphasize that the strength of your heroes determines how much $MAGIC you will earn in Elleria in the future. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to join our community and earn $MAGIC.

Partnership with treasureDAO multiple games shown
Partnership with treasureDAO multiple games shown on game cases

NFT Collection and activity

NFTs have taken the world by storm, and Tales of Elleria is no exception. As a blockchain-based game, players can collect NFT heroes and items that can be used in battles, sold, or traded in the TreasureDAO marketplace using $MAGIC tokens. But collecting NFTs is just one aspect of Tales of Elleria's gameplay. The game also offers daily quests, crafting, and PvP battles to keep players engaged and earning $MAGIC. With the recent integration into the Treasure ecosystem, players can now exchange their Tales of Elleria tokens for $MAGIC and vice versa, providing a new level of liquidity and value to the game's ecosystem.

Lets have a look at their latest activity and overall stats on their NFT collection:

The total volume of the NFT collection is 665 ETH, with a floor price of 0.035 ETH and the best offer at 0.2% for WETH. The NFTs are currently listed from 0 to 9 with decimals up to 0.0919. There are 16% unique owners who currently own these NFTs.

In the last 3 months they had 1.443 sales for a total volume of 76.08 ETH which is a small drop down compared to the months before of 0.38% in sales and 0.83% in volume. If you look at the last month they are up 72% in sales which is a very good signal and hopefully they can continue this.

Their most expensive NFT is “only” 0.5 ETH which makes it very affordable for most people to invest even in the more expensive NFTs they have.

Picture of Elleria NFT
Male character NFT

Closing thoughts

Overall, Tales of Elleria may not provide enough entertainment for some players. The game's slow progression, limited actions per day, and underwhelming graphics may be off-putting. However, the ecosystem and sustainability of tokens, as well as the sound design, are notable features. While these may not be enough to keep players engaged, they do add some value to the game.

“Be a part of the Flagship community revolutionizing the economy; our captains are the map makers.”

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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