Revenue and Telegram Bots

Revenue and Telegram Bots

Telegram bot tokens are marking advancements in the crypto space. UniBot and Maestro stand out, showcasing the possibilities of such tools.


Telegram bot tokens represent a new class of tokens. They're primarily used to facilitate automated trading transactions for users. A good example is Unibot, this bot token enables automated trading on Uniswap. These bot tokens are essentially small software programs performing specific roles within Telegram chats or public channels. They're particularly useful for decentralized applications, where they allow users to conduct on-chain trading or farming strategies right from their messaging app. A diverse range of features come along with Telegram bot tokens, though they're predominantly employed for trading.

Telegram bots have become increasingly popular, with daily volumes of crypto trades with Telegram bots hitting a record high in July and August. There are several ways to monetize Telegram bots, including charging for access, selling products or services, and affiliate marketing. Telegram bots can also be used to sell products or services directly to users. Trading fees are another revenue stream for Telegram bots.

Telegram bots have successfully turned user adoption into revenue for their associated protocols, primarily by imposing transaction fees on users. Some bots also adopt a slightly contentious approach by levying a "tax" on every buy or sell action involving the bot's native token. Among these, UnIbot and Maestro stand out as the leading revenue generators. In this article we will examine their revenue models and assess whether they can achieve a higher market cap.

Telegram Bots


UniBot, with its native UNIBOT token, is currently one of the most used products in the crypto space. This token offers holders a range of benefits, from governance rights to yield farming rewards and protocol fee discounts. A unique aspect of UniBot is its revenue-sharing model, accessible to those holding at least 50 UNIBOT tokens.

The bi-hourly revenue calculations ensure that eligible token holders benefit directly from the platform's earnings. UniBot's potential for expansion is evident from its features. Its resistance to Miner Extractable Value (MEV) swaps, a generous 40% share in fee revenue, and options like copy trading and limit orders position it to attract more users. As the user base grows, so might the transaction volume, leading to increased fees and revenue. The platform's tax system further enhances the UNIBOT token's appeal to investors, potentially boosting its market value.

Financially, UniBot has already achieved significant milestones, generating over 5200 ETH in revenue. Remarkably, even with a market cap of around $170 million. Its revenue per 30 days is comparable to the likes of Curve, GMX and ENS, with a smaller market cap. This suggests that UniBot is outperforming many of its peers in terms of revenue. Its tokenomics have solidified UniBot's standing in the Telegram bot landscape.

If you want a deeper insight into Unibot, you can read our deepdive here.

Unibot Revenue


Maestro, also operating on the Telegram, stands out as a powerful trading tool. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it allows for swift setup and customization. One of its standout features is the wallet setting, enabling users to effortlessly manage their transactions.

Communication is also streamlined with Maestro, as it provides dedicated channels for users to exchange insights. Real-time trade monitoring ensures users are always in the loop about their investments. The bot's versatility is further highlighted by its support for its copy trading feature, which allows users to mirror successful trades. For those looking to gain a competitive edge, features like Sniping Presales and God Mode are invaluable.

While Maestro Bot doesn't possess a native token like UNIBOT, it doesn't fall short in revenue generation. It offers a premium subscription for those seeking advanced features. Subscribers get exclusive access to the faster Maestro Pro Bot and the Maestro Launch Simulator. They also enjoy the privilege of monitoring up to 30 trades simultaneously, using 10 wallets, and tapping into exclusive indicators, all these features cost $200.

Data from DefiLlama shows that Maestro ranks among the top 6 projects in revenue generation, boasting a 30 day revenue of $4,22 million. While Unibot is ranked 16th, UNIBOT's native token and revenue-sharing model have earned it significant attention, Maestro's consistent performance underscores its efficiency and potential in the market.

While UNIBOT's revenue-sharing and token have made it a magnet for speculators, Maestro Bot's impressive revenue figures and feature set position it as a strong contender in the DeFi-focused Telegram bot arena.

Maestro Revenue

Final Thoughts

Telegram bot tokens are marking significant advancements. UniBot and Maestro Bot stand out, showcasing the vast possibilities of such tools. While UniBot has garnered attention with its unique revenue-sharing approach and its own token, rewarding its users, Maestro has made its mark purely on impressive revenue figures and user-friendly features, even without a token.

The contrasting success stories of these bots reveal the varied approaches within the Telegram bot realm. Tokens and revenue-sharing might boost a platform's allure, but Maestro Bot proves that a strong user focus and efficient features are equally potent in attracting users and generating revenue. Both UniBot and Maestro Bot have set commendable benchmarks in the Telegram bot space, hinting at exciting innovations ahead.

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