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NMKR - The platform powering the Cardano NFT ecosystem

In this article, we take a look at NMKR, a platform that enables the no-code launch of NFTs on Cardano.

NMKR is a Cardano-based NFT infrastructure provider that helps brands, companies, and artists to create, mint and trade NFTs. With a mix of development APIs and No-Code building blocks, NMKR has made it possible for users to integrate NFT minting and trading functionalities on websites with ease.

The company was previously named NFT-MAKER before rebranding in 2022. NMKR has minted over 1.6 million NFTs, including NFTs with celebrities like Martin Lawrence and all three founding entities of the Cardano Blockchain: IOHK (IOG), Emurgo and the Cardano Foundation.

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The company was founded in early 2021, following the rise of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain with the release of the SpaceBudz project. The founders, Patrick Tobler and Fahim Popalzai, created the initial NFT-MAKER V1 website, which allowed non-technologically-savvy users to create their NFTs on Cardano for the first time.

After a few weeks, the team was contacted by the artists behind two of the earliest large-scale Cardano NFT projects, The Hoskinsons and the unsigned_algorithms, who were looking for a service that would allow them to give their audience the ability to mint on demand, in bulk. This led to the creation of their own internal API to assist with minting.

NMKR Token

NMKR offers a Cardano native token, $NMKR, that connects the entire NMKR ecosystem by facilitating decentralized utility and governance across all NMKR products. $NMKR is a utility token that rewards members of the community for their significant contributions, authenticates NFT projects to prevent forgery, and allows for community-run governance. $NMKR is used to create new NFTs, each of which is distinctive and demonstrable.

The $NMKR token will be at the heart of the NMKR ecosystem, and the team intends to ensure that it is widely distributed among the community while retaining the ability to guide development. They have allocated 30% of the tokens for direct sales, which will be divided into three stages. The vesting period varies according to the purchase phase, and the earlier people participate, the longer their vesting periods and the lower the price. They have also allocated 48% for community distribution, with 1% of the total token supply allocated to the community every month for another 48 months.

The amount will be determined by comparing the individual’s activity to the cumulative of all user activity in the ecosystem. Additionally, they have set aside 4.8% as a reward for staking with the NFT-MAKER stake pool. Each month for the next 48 months, representatives will receive 0.1% of their stake regarding their stake. Finally, the team allocation will be 16%.

NMKR crypto Tokenomics on Cardano

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How to Buy or Earn $NMKR

Stake ADA to earn $NMKR

Delegate to “NMKR” to earn tokens every month.

Rewards Calculation

The NMKR Rewards are calculated by taking the average NMKR Price of the last month and then adding a premium of 15% on top with another 0.1% per Seaplane NFT owned.


The vesting period is 3 months. After this period you can withdraw your rewards through this dashboard.
The first vesting period ends in 30 days.

Seaplane NFTs

With every Seaplane NFT in your wallet, you will receive 0.1% Boost on the Stake Pool Offering. You can find out more about the Seaplane NFTs here

NMKR Seaplane NFT

Buy or trade $NMKR

You can buy and trade $NMKR on multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges like SundaeSwap, WingRiders, Bitrue, Minswap, MuesliSwap or ICX

Provide Liquidity on a DEX

Earn by providing liquidity to $NMKR pairs on different Decentralized Exchanges. For example SundaSwap, WingRiders, MuesliSwap or MinSwap

Flagship Thoughts

NMKR is a key player in the rapidly growing Cardano NFT ecosystem. If you believe in the old adage that it is mainly the suppliers of tools who make money in a gold rush, then picking up some $NMKR might be a smart idea as the NMKR ecosystem will be a key driver in the growth of the Cardano NFT ecosystem.

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