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Manteling Your Portfolio, An Insight Into The top Mantle Projects

The recent launch of its Mainnet Alpha and the $200 million EcoFund are clear indicators of the network's growth and potential. The seven projects highlighted here demonstrate the diversity and creativity within the Mantle ecosystem.


The Mantle Network is a Layer-2 blockchain designed to enhance Ethereum's scalability. It ensures that all contracts and tools working on Ethereum can function on the Mantle Network with minimal changes. The platform provides a user-friendly environment for experimenting with web3 applications and deploying smart contracts efficiently at a reduced cost. Its core is a modular architecture that combines optimistic rollup with an innovative data availability solution. This structure enables the Mantle Network to leverage Ethereum's security while offering a more affordable and accessible data solution.

Mantle Network has formed a significant partnership with BitDAO, launching a $200 million ecosystem fund together. Several key developments have been achieved recently. On July 16, 2023, Mantle Network introduced its Mainnet Alpha, activating the $200 million EcoFund to boost the Mantle Ecosystem's growth. The network has also approved a community proposal to stake up to 200,000 $ETH from the Mantle Treasury.

Currently, in the alpha mainnet stage, Mantle is not drawing much industry attention, presenting a unique opportunity. We will spotlight seven projects with the potential to grow if Mantle becomes mainstream. If you are interested in learning more about Mantle Network and technology behind it read our deepdive here.

Mantle Network

AGNI finance

Agni Finance is a AMM-based DEX that operates on the Mantle Network. It aims to enhance spot trades by concentrating liquidity within preferred price ranges. With over $23 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), Agni Finance is the biggest DEX in the Mantle Ecosystem. Agni Finance offers a one-stop platform that includes a launchpad and yield-generating features, allowing users to discover new crypto tokens and enhance their decentralized trading experience in a secure environment.

Agni Finance's vision is to create an inclusive, open, and community-governed DEX that brings together the best features of decentralized platforms. It emphasizes efficiency, reliability, and usability, making it suitable for all types of traders.

Some of the key features of Agni Finance include:

  • Concentrated Liquidity: Liquidity Providers (LPs) can allocate their liquidity within specific price ranges, resulting in high capital efficiency.
  • Launchpad: Agni Finance will soon offer early access to maximize gains at minimal risks with an insurance pool to protect traders when prices fall below an ideal level.
  • VE(3,3) Tokenomics: Agni Finance will be releasing its (3,3) tokenomics soon, allowing users to vote on token emissions and receive incentives and fees generated by the protocol.
Agni Finance

Stream NFT

Stream NFT is focused on building a liquidity layer for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to enable value transfer across chains and protocols. Recognizing that the next wave of NFT adoption will likely be driven by utility, StreamNFT aims to provide the infrastructure to power the next generation of NFTs. The platform's liquidity layer is powered by a set of protocols that are composable and deployed across different chains, including collateral-free rent and loans.

Less than 20% of NFT supply has utility, leaving the rest illiquid. Many NFT investors are unwilling to sell their NFTs for immediate liquidity, leading to fragmented secondary liquidity and challenges in resolving NFT liquidity problems.

StreamNFT addresses these challenges by developing protocols to maximize liquidity and utility across chains and protocols. The platform enables NFT creators to deliver liquid assets without the need to write custom contracts, which can be costly and pose security risks. By offering collateral-free rent and loans, StreamNFT provides NFT creators and developers with tools to add utility to their NFTs post-mint, without relying solely on royalties for revenue.


Fusion X

FusionX Finance is a DEX on the Mantle Network, with a focus on transparency, composability, and quick transaction processing. Users can also earn significant rewards by contributing to the platform's liquidity, receiving both platform fees and an annual percentage rate on their contributions. In fact, 75% of the swap fees are distributed to liquidity providers.

For new projects looking to launch tokens and raise funds, FusionX provides an Initial Farm Offering Launchpad. This not only helps in providing liquidity to the platform but also creates opportunities for investors to participate early in new crypto projects and earn rewards. FusionX also enables users to earn FSX rewards by locking their LP tokens. Additionally, users can contribute to liquidity pools to facilitate token swaps on FusionX Finance, earning LP Tokens and trading fee rewards.

Fusion X

Rivera Money

Rivera Money is platform that focuses on making concentrated liquidity market-making (CLMM) accessible to everyone, including individual investors and institutions. Concentrated liquidity positions often require constant attention and adjustments to price ranges to keep earning fees and avoid becoming inactive. This can be a complex task that requires good knowledge of mathematics and finance.

Rivera addresses this challenge by providing an Active Liquidity Manager (ALM) that offers risk-managed vaults for investors to explore and deploy capital according to their risk appetite. The ALM includes built-in algorithmic modules that supercharge liquidity provider (LP) strategies with active liquidity management and auto-compounding rewards, enhancing the generated yield and enabling a fully passive LPing experience.

The ALM consists of two main components: the Range Rebalancer and the Algorithmic Harvester. The Range Rebalancer is an algorithmic LP manager for CLMMs that helps users efficiently manage their positions and optimize capital deployment. It allows users to configure or automate their price range, maintaining specified lower and upper limit bounds of the current price. Rivera calculates all required parameters for the specified price ranges and rebalances LP positions to ensure the capital remains within the 'active' liquidity zone, earning rewards.

The Algorithmic Harvester is a DeFi primitive for harvesting earnings algorithmically. It enables users to execute reward compounding at the optimal point, maximizing the strategy's efficiency. This component considers strategy and network parameters to determine the best time to signal transactions, triggering the auto-compounding function that deploys the rewards back into the strategy. While Riviera Money is one of the most interesting projects on Mantle, it is still in testnet.

Riviera Money

KTX Finance

KTX Finance is a decentralized finance protocol aiming to become a leading derivatives exchange on the Binance Chain. Currently live on BNB, it plans to expand to the Mantle Network, having received a grant from them. The team's vision revolves around creating a comprehensive ecosystem of DeFi products by collaborating with existing protocols and enhancing the user experience through advanced order types and integrations. They believe that trading is a social activity and are committed to delivering an unparalleled user experience.

The protocol operates on a dual-token model, consisting of $KLP and $KTC tokens. The $KLP token serves as a "proof-of-liquidity" receipt with an unlimited supply. It's used to provide liquidity to a single pool that includes 50% stablecoins and 50% blue-chip assets. Liquidity providers are rewarded with 70% of protocol trading fees in BNB and $esKTC rewards.

The $KTC token, with a maximum supply of 100 million, functions as the governance and utility token for the protocol. Stakers of $KTC receive 30% of the trading fees in $BNB, $esKTC rewards, and Multiplier Points. The token also plays a role in referral rewards, traders group programs, and a multiplier points system.

KTX Finance's tokenomics is designed to incentivize participation and align the interests of various stakeholders. KTX offers products and features that cater to the evolving needs of the crypto community, and with the upcoming expansion to the Mantle Network, KTX Finance is poised for further growth and innovation.

KTX Financea


Ammos Finance is a DEX that aims to enhance the existing DEX ecosystem by addressing the challenges and limitations of current platforms. Targeting primarily whales, sophisticated liquidity providers (LPs), and professional traders, Ammos offers unique features to cater to their specific needs.

Whales can benefit from Ammos by directly depositing capital into the protocol without having to actively manage positions, thanks to the Managed Liquidity Provision (MLP) module run by on-chain strategists. Sophisticated LPs have the flexibility to manage their positions via MLP or on their own, similar to Uniswap v3. The ultra-thin ticks allowed on Ammos enable LPs to deploy less capital to capture fees, boosting annual percentage rates (APRs). Traders are attracted to Ammos due to competitive fee levels, limit orders, and a trader-oriented interface that mimics the familiar centralized finance (CeFi) experience.

Ammos aims to improve upon the ultra-concentrated liquidity setup of Uniswap V3, which, while dominant in the DEX space, requires expensive and challenging active position management. Unlike Maverick, which has limited strategies for active liquidity management, Ammos envisions a marketplace of on-chain strategies that compete for users' capital by efficiently capturing fees. The MLP module in Ammos is designed to capture more fees than its competitors, especially for correlated pairs like LST/LST, LST/ETH, and Stablecoin/Stablecoin.

Beyond MLP, Ammos integrates features like limit orders, bribing, account abstraction, and backrunning RPC to effectively capture most trading flows while giving back a significant portion of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) to LPs and users. These features are compared with other platforms like Uniswap V3, Curve, Balancer, and Maverick, highlighting Ammos's competitive advantages.

However, it's essential to note that Ammos Finance is an extremely small project, making it potentially risky to use.

Ammos Finance

Myso finance

Myso Finance is a DeFi platform that focuses on providing liquidation-free, fixed-interest, and oracle-free borrowing solutions. The core concept revolves around Zero-Liquidation Loans (ZLLs), which are facilitated between borrowers and liquidity providers (LPs) through permissionless, non-custodial liquidity pools.

The process begins with the creation of pools for specific asset pairs, where anyone can create a pool using a Myso v1 template smart contract. Once a pool is deployed, LPs can add liquidity, acquiring a share in the given pool. Borrowers can then choose a pool that matches their preferences, such as collateral/loan currency combination and loan tenor, and borrow from it. Loans are funded proportionally by all active LPs of the given pool, entitling them to a pro-rata share of the resulting loan proceeds.

Borrowers have the option to either repay and reclaim their pledged collateral or let the loan expire and retain the borrowed currency. In either case, the loan is marked as settled, and the associated proceeds are made available to LPs. LPs can then claim a pro-rata share of the corresponding proceeds, either a share of the repayment amount or a share of the unclaimed collateral amount. LPs also have the flexibility to remove liquidity that hasn't been lent to borrowers.

Myso Finance emphasizes the potential of DeFi and aims to build game-changing financial applications. Their Zero-Liquidation Loans were first presented during the ETHOnline Hackathon, where they were awarded as one of the winners.

Myso Finance

Final Thoughts

The Mantle Network is making significant strides in scaling Ethereum, with its EVM compatibility and innovative use of optimistic rollup technology. The recent launch of its Mainnet Alpha and the $200 million EcoFund are clear indicators of the network's growth and potential. The seven projects highlighted here demonstrate the diversity and creativity within the Mantle ecosystem. Each project brings unique solutions to the decentralized finance space, ranging from liquidation-free borrowing to concentrated liquidity market-making and NFT liquidity layers.

These projects collectively hint at a bright future for the Mantle Network as it continues to grow and become a significant player in the broader blockchain world. The network's emphasis on low cost, efficiency, and security, coupled with the diverse and innovative projects building on it, positions Mantle as a platform to watch in the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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