Magpie XYZ Protocol

A Magpie Deep Dive, A Boosted Yield protocol

Magpie XYZ is an ecosystem of DeFi protocols that provide yield and veTokenomics boosting services across multiple blockchain networks.


Magpie XYZ (website) is apart of an emerging ecosystem in the DeFi space, offering a suite of products that amplify the yield distributed by Pendle Finance, Wombat and Radiant. At its core, Magpie is the inaugural protocol of Magpie XYZ, specifically tailored to enhance yield and veTokenomics for the Wombat Exchange. Originating from Wombat Exchange's incubation, Magpie's primary aim is to lock WOM tokens, thereby securing governance rights and augmented yield benefits for liquidity providers on Wombat. Users are presented with the option to deposit a range of tokens, including Stablecoins, BNB, Liquid BNB, frxETH, ETH, WOM, and mWOM, into single-sided boosted pools. This strategy allows them to reap impressive APR percentages. Moreover, Wombat Exchange voters can efficiently gain voting power and simultaneously earn passive income through the MGP token.

The reason for writing this article is due how unknow the project is. With a team that's constantly innovating and building, it's intriguing to delve deeper into a product constructed atop it, such as Magpie. Drawing attention to Magpie's unique offerings, like the conversion of WOM tokens to mWOM (Magpie WOM), allows users to earn elevated rewards. In this process, Magpie secures all the transformed WOM as veWOM on Wombat Exchange, leading to the accumulation of veWOM. This mechanism entitles Magpie to enhanced WOM rewards and governance perks on Wombat Exchange, explaining the sustainable boosted passive income offered to users. Additionally, MGP, Magpie's governance and revenue-sharing token, plays a pivotal role. By locking MGP tokens on Magpie, users can obtain Vote-Locked MGP on a 1:1 basis, further enhancing their passive income and governance benefits.

Magpie Protocol

Magpie XYZ and its Friends

Wombat Exchange isn't just a precursor to Magpie; it's an integral part of its DNA. Magpie's protocols are tailored to maximize the synergies derived from Wombat. A key highlight is Magpie's capability to lock WOM tokens, Wombat Exchange's native currency. This not only ensures governance rights but also amplifies yield benefits for Wombat's liquidity providers. Users are empowered to deposit a plethora of tokens into single-sided boosted pools, reaping impressive APRs and solidifying the alliance between Magpie and Wombat Exchange.

For Wombat Exchange's token holders, Magpie rolls out the red carpet. It introduces a mechanism to stake WOM tokens into mWOM (Magpie WOM). The converted WOM is safeguarded as veWOM on Wombat Exchange, leading to a surge in veWOM accumulation. This strategy entitles Magpie to enhanced WOM rewards and governance privileges on Wombat Exchange, ensuring a consistent stream of boosted passive income.

At the heart of Magpie's structure lies the innovative SubDAO model. SubDAOs, or Sub-Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are niche entities within Magpie. Operating with a degree of autonomy, they concentrate on distinct tasks, yet remain aligned with Magpie's broader objectives. This model fosters efficiency, specialization, and ensures the community remains at the forefront of decision-making.

magpie XYZ Overview

Magpie Protocol's Tokenomics, A Fusion of Innovation and Strategy

Central to the tokenomics is the MGP token, which introduces novel mechanisms like vote-locking and the bribery market.

Vote-locking is a unique feature that allows MGP holders to lock their tokens in exchange for vMGP (vote-locked MGP). This mechanism is more than just a token lock; it's a commitment. The longer users lock their MGP, the more vMGP they receive, which directly amplifies their governance power within the Magpie ecosystem. This ensures that those who are genuinely invested in Magpie's future have a more significant say in its direction.

The Magpie bribery market, on the other hand, is a groundbreaking approach to governance. It allows participants to bribe MGP holders to vote (or abstain from voting) on specific proposals. This market operates transparently, ensuring that all bribes are visible to the community. It's a mechanism that adds a layer of dynamism to governance, ensuring that proposals are not just passed based on merit but also on the tangible benefits they offer to MGP holders.

When it comes to MGP distribution, Magpie has adopted a strategy that prioritizes fairness and community involvement. A significant portion of the MGP supply is earmarked for community rewards, ensuring that those who contribute to the platform's growth are adequately compensated. Additionally, the distribution plan takes into account ecosystem development, partnerships, and the team, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned in their vision for Magpie's future.

Magpie's tokenomics is a testament to its commitment to creating a decentralized, community-driven platform. The introduction of mechanisms like vote-locking and the bribery market showcases Magpie's innovative approach to governance, ensuring that every MGP holder, regardless of their stake, has a voice. The thoughtful distribution strategy further underscores Magpie's dedication to its community, ensuring that rewards are equitably distributed among all contributors. As the DeFi landscape becomes increasingly competitive, Magpie's unique tokenomics positions it as a leader, setting new standards in governance, community engagement, and ecosystem development.

Magpie’s the smaller brother.

Magpie, as reflected on CoinGecko, has grown to a $5 million market cap. According to data from DeFiLlama, Magpie has about $6 million in Total Value Locked (TVL). The platform has somewhat successfully generated a decent amount in TVL. Within the expansive Magpie XYZ ecosystem, Pen Pie emerges as a standout performer. With over $40 million in TVL, Pen Pie has not only demonstrated its potential but has also solidified its position as a major contributor to Magpie's overall success.

Final thoughts

Magpie's relationship with Wombat Exchange, combined with its unique tokenomics, showcases a platform that's not just technologically advanced but also aligned with the needs of its users. The SubDAO model further exemplifies Magpie's commitment to decentralization, ensuring that every niche within the ecosystem operates efficiently while staying true to the broader vision.

The platform's dedication to ensuring equitable rewards, fostering community engagement, and introducing groundbreaking governance mechanisms sets it apart. As the DeFi world continues to expand, Magpie, with its unique offerings and community-centric approach, could carve a bigger piece of the pie.

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