Cardano project creates a sidechain using Cosmos SDK; Here’s what you need to know

Cardano project creates a sidechain using Cosmos SDK; Here’s what you need to know

Charles Hoskinson said that "Sidechains are coming along including Cosmos"... what does he mean by that?

Yesterday, Charles Hoskinson — the co-founder of Ethereum, the founder of Cardano, and the CEO of IOHK, a technology company specializing in the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions — tweeted something which piqued my interest.

In that specific tweet, he said that “Sidechains are coming along, including Cosmos; which, of course, led us on the road for clarity, and we started digging into what he meant by that.

Cardano x Cosmos?

Upon digging further, we found out of a partnership from World Mobile and Input Output Global (IOHK), in which the goal is to bridge a permissioned solution built on Cosmos’ SDK with Cardano’s public mainnet which will introduce new possibilities for interoperability between the Cosmos Ecosystem and Cardano Ecosystem.

What is World Mobile?

World Mobile is creating a new mobile network powered by blockchain technology. People who run nodes can earn tokens issued on the Cardano blockchain. This network is being tested in an African country.

How long have they been working on this, and why is the use of Cosmos SDK needed?

According to them, World Mobile and IOHK have been working closely together over the past three years as part of their shared involvement in using blockchain technology to bridge the digital divide.

The CEO also states that the use of the Cosmos SDK is because by creating a sidechain built with Cosmos’ SDK, they can make a permission sidechain to meet the requirements of a regulated telecommunications industry, which is currently not available natively on Cardano just yet.

World Mobile needed a permission sidechain to meet the requirements of a regulated telecommunications industry. Since such a solution doesn’t yet exist within the Cardano ecosystem, we decided to look at how we could achieve this. We’re looking forward to collaborating with IOG on this project and working towards an interoperable future that will accelerate the shared vision that we have had since 2018.

- Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile Group

TLDR and what our thoughts on this are

The TLDR of this is that World Mobile will stay on Cardano while building its custom sidechain using the Cosmos SDK.

The stake distribution of the World Mobile Token on Cardano will be mirrored on their sidechain network, and the tokens will stay on the Cardano chain.

We think that this is a significant step forward for both the Cosmos and Cardano ecosystem, and similar to the CTO of IOG, who believes that the different blockchain technology should be used to meet the ever-growing demand for purpose-built systems, we anticipate that this will allow other projects in the future, to follow in the same footsteps, and to think beyond tribalism between blockchains.

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