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A Deep Dive into Aevo - Decentralized Derivatives Trading With Exciting Airdrop Opportunities

Aevo, a successor to Ribbon Finance, is innovating in the decentralized finance realm with its focus on perps and options, backed by an engaging community-driven approach including an anticipated airdrop in early 2024.

Aevo's evolution from Ribbon Finance marks a significant stride in the cryptocurrency derivatives market, focusing notably on perpetuals and options. This development has generated considerable excitement within the crypto community, particularly due to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming airdrop following their Token Generation Event (TGE). Aevo distinguishes itself with unique offerings such as Aevo USD (aeUSD), a yield-bearing asset that provides up to 4.75% APY on stablecoin deposits. Additionally, the platform boasts a suite of features including a Margin framework, Aevo OTC & RFQ, Theta Vaults, Earn Vaults, and Treasury Vaults.

Key Features Overview

  • DeFi Derivatives Trading: Aevo, emerging from Ribbon Finance, focuses on perps and options within the decentralized finance sector.
  • Community-Driven Transition: Incorporating community feedback, Aevo introduces the $AEVO token, marking a strategic evolution from Ribbon Finance.
  • Innovative Financial Tools: Features Aevo USD (aeUSD) with up to 4.75% APY on stablecoins, alongside advanced trading frameworks and vaults.
  • Upcoming Airdrop: Aevo plans a significant airdrop to foster community engagement - more info below.
  • Strong Industry Backing: Supported by leading venture capitals, Aevo builds on a legacy of successful community initiatives.
Aevo brand

Aevo's positioning and tech

Aevo's mainnet launch has expanded its offerings to include Bitcoin perpetual futures and options along with ether derivatives. The platform is uniquely positioned closer to centralized derivatives platforms, like Deribit, aiming to make the transition from centralized to decentralized exchanges (DEX) more accessible, especially for users unfamiliar with Metamask or trading on DEXs. This user-centric approach is part of Aevo's strategy to extend its reach beyond the typical cryptocurrency crowd.

Technologically, Aevo utilizes a layer-2 Ethereum optimistic roll-up based on the OP Stack, complemented by a cloud-hosted sequencer operated by Conduit, a third-party infrastructure provider. The platform's trading system operates on an off-chain order book, with all trades settled on the layer-2, ensuring a non-custodial process. This setup allows users to place, edit, and cancel trades gaslessly, without requiring wallet signatures or dedicated network RPCs. However, this comes with a trade-off in censorship resistance due to the centralized nature of the cloud-hosted server for the order book.

Aevo Chains volumes

Rebranding from Ribbon Finance to Aevo

The transition from Ribbon Finance to Aevo was propelled by community preference, leading to the adoption of a rebranding proposal and the introduction of the new $AEVO token. This shift is strategically aimed at optimizing operations by minimizing costs in fees and commissions, enhancing transaction speed, and fostering potential growth. Aevo is gearing up for a noteworthy airdrop, intending to redistribute 45% of the $RBN tokens held by the DAO, which amounts to 16% of all $AEVO tokens allocated for community incentives. This plan illustrates the platform’s commitment to a community-driven approach, as current $RBN token holders are offered the opportunity to swap their tokens for $AEVO on a 1:1 basis.

Ribbon Finance Aevo rebranding

Participating in the Aevo Airdrop

Participation in the Aevo airdrop involves depositing funds on the platform, engaging in trading activities, and utilizing a referral program to invite new users. The allocation of airdrop rewards is expected to be contingent on the trading volume generated on the platform, hence active trading is encouraged.

Considering that the TGE is assumed to be on February 1st, act fast if you still want to participate in this airdrop.

>> Register here to deposit & start your airdrop farming <<

Deposit AEVO

Aevo's upcoming airdrop includes a non-compulsory swap for $RBN token holders that will result in staked Aevo (sAEVO) being locked for three months. Participants in the swap will be granted enhanced governance rights and various advantages, such as reduced commissions and priority access to new products.

Aevo's strong backing and 2024 roadmap

Aevo’s initiatives are bolstered by substantial backing from venture capital firms including Paradigm, DragonFly, Scalar Capital, Nascent, and Ethereal Ventures. The platform's history of successful airdrops, some of which have been quite lucrative for early Ribbon Finance users, adds to the anticipation surrounding its roadmap for 2024. This roadmap signifies a critical period for Aevo, with its ability to attract and retain a diverse user base being a key factor in its success. This will be particularly important given the strong backing it has and its innovative approach to decentralized trading. With its TVL risen above $40 million, Aevo's upcoming TGE marks a pivotal moment in its journey. As it continues to build on its strong foundations we will see if it maintains itself as a leading force in the decentralized derivatives industry.

AEVO roadmap


As the AEVO token launch draws near, the crypto community will be keenly observing its uptake and the broader impact it has on the cryptocurrency landscape. The platform's performance and the success of its airdrop initiative are set to be pivotal in cementing its position in the decentralized derivatives exchange market.

Enjoyed our article on Aevo & interested to participate in the airdrop? Join the platform using our referral link and $25 Trading Credit will be given when you sign up and deposit at least $100.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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