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A DeepDive into FXHash, The Rising Star in Generative Art and NFTs

FXHash is changing the NFT and generative art space. With its unique features, strong community, and promising future, this platform stands out as a potential top platform if NFTs ever rebound from their bear market.


FXHash (website) is a NFT platform built on the Tezos blockchain, designed for artists and collectors who love generative art. Artists can publish generative tokens on the platform, which are special programs that create random art pieces. If you have a Tezos wallet, you can easily mint your own unique version of these tokens. What makes FXHash special is its focus on accessibility. It's a place where both seasoned coders and art enthusiasts who are new to the digital realm can find the resources they need. This has made FXHash a leader in digital communities that prioritize inclusivity.

The platform is also fully on-chain, adding an extra layer of security and transparency that's often lacking in traditional art markets. Even the name FXHash reflects its deep ties to blockchain technology.As for the future, FXHash is planning to expand by integrating Ethereum and adding on-chain minting features. This will open new doors for artists and collectors alike, further establishing the platform as a diverse hub for creative minds of all skill levels.

In a time when the NFT market is experiencing its very first bear market, with even high-profile assets like Apes and Punks seeing their floor prices plummet, it's important to identify platforms that have the potential to thrive in the long run. FXHash stands out as one such platform. We wrote this article to delve into what makes FXHash a compelling choice for artists and collectors, even in a challenging market environment. With its unique features, strong community focus, and upcoming transition to the Ethereum blockchain, FXHash could very well be a winning platform for the future of NFTs.


A Comprehensive Introduction to Generative Art and NFTs

FXHash is a platform that allows artists to publish generative tokens that are stored on the Tezos blockchain. Generative tokens are programs designed to produce random outputs, and once enabled, anyone with a Tezos wallet can mint their own unique iteration of the generative token. Each iteration produces a unique piece that is stored as a NFT on the tezos blockchain. The NFTs are FA2 compliant, which means that they can be exchanged like any other NFT everywhere in the tezos ecosystem.

When a generative token is minted, a random hash is created and added to the artist's project, which is then securely stored on the blockchain. This ensures each token is unique, self-sufficient, and unchangeable. Even if FXHash goes offline, token owners can still view their art in their browsers. Virtual galleries can also display these tokens as live art pieces since they are hosted on the IPFS network.

Despite being two years old, FXHash is already showing signs of becoming a lasting player in the NFT ecosystem. The platform is also gaining traction in the secondary market, highlighted by a six-figure sale from renowned generative artist Zancan. While most secondary sales on FXHash may not grab headlines just yet, the platform's user-friendly interface, open-door policy, and community-driven approach set it apart.


The Driving Force behind FXHash

The team starts with Ciphrd, the creator of FxHash. A couple team members behind FxHash are Erik-West, Isabelle Klöck, Somayeh (Sahere) Khodabakhshi, Baptiste Crespy, and Olha Pylypenko. Each member brings a unique skill set and vision to the table, contributing to the platform's success. Recently, the team took a significant step by joining Ethereum, a move that aligns perfectly with FXHash's goals and values. This step marks FXHash's evolution into a multichain model.

FXHash has been actively seeking collaborators who share their vision and understand the importance of community. This approach has been instrumental in shaping the platform's direction and has likely contributed to its recent fundraising success. FXHash secured $5 million in a seed round led by 1kx, providing the financial backing needed to continue its innovative work in the NFT and generative art space. With a strong team, strategic partnerships, and fresh capital, FXHash is well-positioned to make waves in the digital art world.

FxHash Funding

How FXHash Simplifies and Innovates the NFT Experience

FXHash stands out in the generative art world for its ease of use and unique features. Artists can test their projects in a "sandbox" before going live, making the often complex process of minting digital assets simpler. The platform also welcomes art enthusiasts to explore a variety of projects through its user-friendly dashboards.

Unlike most NFT platforms that rely on individual smart contracts for each project, FXHash takes a different approach. It focuses on generative tokens, or GTs, which artists create using the platform's main smart contract. These GTs then serve as the basis for all NFTs minted on FXHash. In simple terms, when you mint an NFT on FXHash, you're creating a unique version of an original GT. This allows artists to establish a foundational token that can spawn a limited collection of unique pieces over time.

The process still involves standard blockchain transactions, but what sets FXHash apart is how these GTs relate to the NFTs. Collectors mint NFTs that are directly tied to the original GT's image or animation, rather than a random token generated by a smart contract. While it may seem complicated at first glance, it's actually straightforward once you get the hang of it. For those looking to learn more, FXHash offers a detailed guide on its website to help users get started.

FxHash  Sandbox

FXHash's Recent Success and Upcoming Transition to Ethereum

Despite an NFT bear market, FXHash has some momentum, especially with its top-performing collection. Zancan's "Garden, Monoliths" is fully minted, with first sales reaching 4.6K and an impressive 1.2Million Tezos in second sales. The current price of Tezos is around $0.69. It currently has 32 items for sale, with a floor price of 10.9K Tezos and a median of 50.0K Tezos.

These numbers not only showcase the platform's diverse offerings but also its appeal to a wide array of artists and collectors. While FXHash is already thriving on the Tezos blockchain, its upcoming move to Ethereum could take things to the next level. The migration is expected to attract a larger audience and could significantly boost trading volumes, making FXHash an even more exciting space for generative art.


Final Thoughts

FXHash is clearly more than just a platform; it's an ecosystem for generative art. With its focus on accessibility and community, it has become a go-to hub for artists and collectors alike. The team behind FXHash has been pivotal in steering the platform towards success. Their recent step into Ethereum and successful fundraising round signal a promising future.

The platform's unique approach to minting NFTs through generative tokens sets it apart in a crowded market. This innovation simplifies the often daunting process of creating and collecting digital art. As FXHash prepares to enter the Ethereum ecosystem, the potential for growth is enormous. The move is likely to attract a broader user base and could give an already vibrant marketplace an even greater boost.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FXHash?

FXHash is a NFT platform built on the Tezos blockchain, designed for artists and collectors who love generative art. Artists can publish generative tokens on the platform, which are special programs that create random art pieces.




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