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A Deep Dive Into TONSquare

This article explores the intricacies of TONSquare, its key features, the benefits it offers to users and developers, and its vision for a more connected and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Despite the giant strides made in the blockchain industry, interoperability between different networks remains a significant challenge. In fact, so critical is this challenge that a large interoperability market has emerged. As of 2023, the blockchain interoperability market was valued at $200 million, and this figure may rise to $3 billion by 2034.

Against this backdrop, TONSquare emerges as a groundbreaking solution, aiming to bridge the gap between the TON blockchain and EVM-compatible chains. This article explores the intricacies of TONSquare, its key features, the benefits it offers to users and developers, and its vision for a more connected and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Tonsquare Layer 2 TON

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Need for EVM Compatibility in the TON Ecosystem

Initially conceived by Telegram and now run by an interdependent group, The Open Network has become not just one of the most popular blockchain networks but a major decentralized open internet platform consisting of a blockchain network, as well as other services such as DNS and cloud storage.

TON aims to achieve widespread cross-chain interoperability while operating within a highly scalable and secure framework. It can process millions of transactions per second and by running fully within the Telegram messaging app, targets the billion users on the platform. However, it still falls short with regard to its interoperability goals.

For all its achievements, TON remains isolated from other major blockchain networks, especially those that work with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This limits the flow of assets and information across chains.

Additionally, it limits access to the vast array of dApps and services available on EVM-compatible chains while also reducing liquidity and financial opportunities for TON users. More so, developers who are familiar with EVM environments but want to build on TON may face unnecessary barriers.

These limitations highlight the need for a solution that can bridge TON with EVM-compatible chains, thereby expanding the reach and utility of both ecosystems.

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TONSquare: Bridging the Gap

In comes TONSquare, which has emerged as a solution to TON’s interoperability challenges with other blockchain networks. Its mission is to empower blockchain users and developers by enabling seamless interactions across different chains. By bridging the gap between TON and other networks, TONSquare aims to break down barriers and foster innovation in the Web3 space. Similarly, Flagship FYI breaks down the barriers of cross-chain crypto investments by granting new and experienced investors access to curated portfolios.

TONSquare’s vision is to establish an interconnected blockchain environment where assets and data flow freely across networks, unlocking the full potential of decentralized technology. This vision includes supporting decentralized applications (dApps) to thrive in a connected environment, as well as facilitating seamless interaction with multiple blockchain networks to expand their capabilities and user reach.

TONSquare Features and Innovations

TONSquare presents several major features and innovations that set it apart in the blockchain space:

  1. TONSquare Key: This is a specialized NFT that acts as a license for operating a node within the TONSquare network, ensuring network security and integrity while offering an innovative incentive model for node operators.
  2. Network Rewards: Key holders earn rewards in the form of $TOS tokens based on node uptime, network health, and overall performance.
  3. Security and Governance: TONSquare prioritizes security with advanced encryption and regular audits. Its decentralized governance model ensures transparent and inclusive decision-making processes.
  4. Developer Ecosystem: The platform aims to foster a vibrant developer community by providing comprehensive tools, documentation, and incentives that simplify building on the network.
  5. Technology: TONSquare integrates Polygon's Custom Development Kit (CDK) and Celestia's Data Availability (DA) solution to optimize performance, scalability, and data reliability. These integrations demonstrate a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance the platform's capabilities.
Tonsquare TOS Tokenomics

$TOS Token Overview and Tokenomics

$TOS is the native token for TONSquare, and it serves as the primary asset for transactions, governance, and other functions. The total supply of $TOS tokens is fixed at 5 billion, and this limited supply is strategically allocated across different areas of the ecosystem to ensure its sustainability and growth.:

  • Node Operators and Key Holders - 75% (for network maintenance and security)
  • Community Incentive - 13% (incentive programs to attract and retain users and developers)
  • Ecosystem Development - 8% (ongoing development, partnerships, and collaborations)
  • Team - 4%

On June 24th, 2024, $TOS staking goes live, and anticipation has been on the high side for this.

Tonsquare TON staking EVM

$TOS Paymaster

A notable feature within the TONSquare ecosystem is the $TOS Paymaster. This feature enables the use of $TOS tokens to cover gas costs and transaction fees across the network. It promotes the token's utility and encourages projects built on TONSquare to adopt $TOS for a significant portion of their transaction fee requirements.

How it works is simple and straightforward. Users can easily select $TOS as their preferred payment method for transaction fees directly through their wallet interface, while the Paymaster contract serves as the backend engine facilitating the acceptance and processing of the tokens for gas cost coverage.

This eliminates the need for users to interact directly with complex smart contracts for every transaction, enhancing the overall user experience. Therefore, Paymaster contributes to the network’s growth and sustainability.

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