Latest info regarding Shibarium and it's setbacks.

Shibarium - Everything you need to know

Discover everything you need to know about Shibarium, the upcoming layer 2 blockchain as part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

As Shiba Inu climbs to the 11th spot, surpassing a staggering $6 billion market cap this past week, it's a prime opportunity to delve into the much-anticipated launch of Shibarium, its very own layer 2 blockchain.

With the remarkable achievement of being the second-highest market cap among memecoins, Shiba Inu's journey to a "perpetual decentralization" protocol hasn't been easy after facing multiple challenges.

Here's everything you need to know.

An Unexpected Launch

After months of anticipation, Shibarium emerged unexpectedly, catching the community off guard. The surprise launch on Thursday led to a surge of traffic that tested the platform's resilience in the early morning hours.

The influx of "compute units" pushed the blockchain into fail-safe mode to protect bridged funds.

"1000 Eth, 600,000 Bone deposited into our new chain in approximately, 15 minutes! This just proves that the ShibArmy is STRONG."
- Shytoshi Kusama

Reports of difficulties sparked fears on Twitter, with misinformation spreading about lost funds with the bridge not working.

Shibarium FUD

This FUD stemmed from the high demand that strained their Alchemy-powered infrastructure but didn't last long after the Shiba Inu ecosystem shared several updates on scaling improvements in the last few days.

As the Shibarium journey progresses, this unexpected launch marks a significant step forward for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving narrative.

Nearly ready

Shibarium has faced its share of challenges on the journey so far. The project encountered hurdles during development, with its creators navigating the task of sifting through developers to identify genuine contributors to the ecosystem. The introduction of an overhauled intake system, combined with the operational beta net, has brought the Shibarium mainnet tantalizingly close.

Since the initial setback, Shibarium has made remarkable progress in its scaling efforts. Internal testing prompted a temporary restart of the blockchain to prepare for forthcoming scaling initiatives. The team is implementing a range of strategies to bolster the blockchain's capabilities post the initial testing phase. Notably, their collaboration with Alchemy has yielded an impressive 1500% increase in operational scale.

As a result, the launch is now on the horizon, making it an imminent event in the memecoin world.

Stay tuned for the latest development

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Beyond just another meme based blockchain

Shibarium takes a page from the playbook of Dogecoin's Dogechain, which aimed to create an ecosystem centered around DogeCoin.

However, Shibarium is poised to differentiate itself significantly. Although Dogechain had its moment of fame, quickly fading into obscurity, Shibarium aims to make a lasting impact.

Decentralization and Openness

In stark contrast to DogeChain's centralized approach, Shibarium embodies the true spirit of decentralization, aligning with the vision of Shiba Inu's creator, Ryoshi. The blockchain's emphasis on community-driven growth sets it apart.

By embracing decentralization, Shibarium charts a course for a "community-driven meteoric rise." The launch of a truly decentralized blockchain, a rarity in today's landscape, holds immense potential for the memecoin community and traders alike.

The intake system serves as a testament to Shibarium's commitment to openness. Welcoming participants from diverse fields, the intake system encourages discussion, idea-sharing, and collaboration across a range of sectors, from fruit sales to music. While not mandatory, the intake form allows those invested in Shibarium to contribute to its evolution, promoting inclusivity and decentralized collaboration.

Shibarium's commitment to decentralization extends to the upcoming "crucial step" of minting the remaining $BONE supply upon launch of Shibarium.

Give a Dog a $BONE

To get involved with Shibarium, acquiring $BONE is essential. Bone ShibaSwap is positioned as the "passport to Shibarium." This versatile token serves multiple pivotal functions within the ecosystem:

  • DELEGATORS: $BONE acts as the token for staking and receiving rewards.
  • GAS TOKEN: It functions as the gas token for Shibarium.
  • GOVERNANCE: $BONE facilitates technological governance within the ecosystem.

In the last month, the value of $BONE witnessed a remarkable surge of 50%, providing rewards to those who foresaw the Shibarium launch. Nevertheless, following the launch and encountering initial scaling challenges, along with the customary "sell the news" trading behavior that ensued after reaching an all-time high in August, the price experienced a subsequent decline of 40%.

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Privacy and identity are paramount for Shibarium, exemplified by its pioneering Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) concept. The system's design empowers users to manage and safeguard their identity and assets within the ecosystem.

SSI shifts the paradigm, giving individuals full control over their data. This departure from the traditional norm, where data is often exploited by corporations, marks a significant leap forward.

Shibarium's Self-Sovereign Identity encompasses several key principles:

  • Self Custody: Users retain control over their identity and assets.
  • Portability: Identity and credentials move seamlessly across services.
  • ZK Compliant: Zero-knowledge proofs enhance privacy.
  • Security: Robust protection for sensitive data.
  • Gateway: Secure entry point for identity management.

Amidst the endless hours spent currently solving scaling iussues, Shibarium remains steadfast in its mission to reshape the digital future while ensuring ethical data ownership for its builders and community members. The full implementation of SSIs may take more time than expected.

Building on Shibarium

Shiba Inu Token aims to create its blockchain network for faster and cheaper transactions than the Ethereum blockchain.

After seeing how much volume of Ether is flowing into the currently half-live blockchain, maybe more developers may opt in to build on Shibarium's layer 2 solution due to its proposed efficiency and benefits over Ethereum.

The project roster already boasts initiatives like PawZone, focusing on developing dApps for Shibarium, as well as many other projects being worked on for a long time already.

These projects are primed for Shibarium's full launch and demonstrate the ecosystem's commitment to collaboration, whilst their talked about already intake system fosters community growth by bridging projects and aligning validators.

Find out more about developing on Shibarium here:


Shibarium's unexpected launch and subsequent challenges represent a transformative chapter for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Despite an initial 50% surge in $BONE's value, scaling issues led to a temporary downturn.

The journey toward decentralization and self-sovereign identity is evident in Shibarium's community-driven approach. With its intake system and commitment to inclusivity, it stands apart from typical meme-based blockchains.

As Shibarium evolves, staying engaged with official accounts and following Flagship's insights will keep you ahead of the curve in this dynamic memecoin realm.

The road ahead may have its twists, but embracing opportunities and staying informed will be your compass.

To wrap up, enjoy this quote from the Shiba Inu ecosystem's blog:

"Born from the Cypherpunk's dream, Bitcoin came into existence as a challenge to centralized monetary systems, a beacon guiding us towards a world where financial transactions could flow unhampered by intermediaries. It was a revolution, yes, but only the beginning."

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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