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Top 10 Berachain Ecosystem Projects

In this article, we delve into the top 10 crypto projects launching on Berachain. Each project is analyzed, highlighting its unique features, potential impact on the ecosystem


Berachain started from an NFT collection and is now a highly anticipated Layer 1 in the works. Berachain is a Cosmos Layer 1 blockchain powered by the Polaris EVM, featuring a distinctive Proof of Liquidity consensus mechanism. Unlike traditional proof of stake chains, Berachain addresses liquidity concerns by introducing a multi-token model:

  • $BERA — The Gas Token
  • $HONEY — The Stable Coin
  • $BGT — The Governance Token

This innovative approach ensures that power users maintain their governance share as the network expands. Berachain recently raised a $42 million funding round, reflecting its strong position and commitment to ecosystem growth. With this large funding round, we think it's time to take a look at their growing ecosystem, for the sake oif a potential Berachain airdrop. So sit back, and let's dive into the top 10 projects in the Berachain ecosystem

Berachain Ecosystem projects


Berachain BEX is the native decentralized exchange on the Berachain network, designed to facilitate seamless and secure trading. This platform stands out for its intuitive interface, ensuring that both novice and experienced traders can navigate and execute trades with ease. BEX offers a wide range of features, including liquidity pools, yield farming opportunities, and low transaction fees, making it an attractive option for users looking to maximize their trading strategies and investment returns.

What sets Berachain BEX apart is its integration with the Berachain ecosystem, allowing for high-speed transactions and reduced costs, thanks to the chain's optimized consensus mechanism. Furthermore, BEX emphasizes security and decentralization, ensuring that users maintain control over their assets without reliance on intermediaries. This commitment to user sovereignty, combined with innovative features like cross-chain swaps and a community-driven governance model, positions Berachain BEX as the top DEX on Berachain

BEX DEX on Berachain

Apiarist Finance

Apiarist Finance on Berachain is a DeFi platform designed to offer innovative financial solutions within the Berachain ecosystem. It serves as a hub for yield farming, staking, and lending services, catering to users seeking to optimize their digital asset strategies. The platform distinguishes itself by leveraging the unique features of Berachain, such as high transaction speeds and low fees, to provide efficient and cost-effective financial operations.

What makes Apiarist Finance unique is its commitment to simplifying DeFi for its users, making it accessible to a broader audience, including those new to the blockchain space. Furthermore, Apiarist Finance introduces innovative features such as auto-compounding yields and risk-adjusted lending options, designed to maximize returns while managing risk.

Additionally, Apiarist Finance is built on the principles of transparency and community governance, allowing users to have a say in the platform's development and future direction. This emphasis on user participation and the platform's innovative approach to DeFi solutions make Apiarist Finance a standout project on Berachain.

Apiarist Finance


Boink is a Berachain native blockchain game where timing is crucial, and the chance to win $BERA prizes is always one boink away. The core mechanics of Boink! revolves around the "Boink" action, which players perform to compete for the accumulated rewards in the game contract. It's a strategic battle against both the clock and other players, with every Boink resetting the timer and intensifying the competition.

The Boink Token ($BOINK) is a fundamental aspect of the Boink game with a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens. The token operates on a tax system that charges a 5% tax fee on transactions. $BOINK doesn't just facilitate the intense player-vs-player (PvP) dynamics but also reciprocally thrives on it. The game uses a unique approach to reward contributions; a tax on $BOINK transactions is collected and redirected into the game's rewards pool, which is distributed in $BERA tokens. Additionally, the size of the reward pool is directly influenced by the frequency and volume of $BOINK trading. This means that more trading activity leads to larger rewards for participants in each game round, incentivizing players to stay engaged and active within the game's economy.

Boink Berachain crypto

Honey Jar

Honey Jar on Berachain is an innovative community-driven project that introduces a unique blend of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and gaming within the Berachain ecosystem. It encapsulates a series of games, drawing heavily from the themes and lore of the Bong Bears and the broader Berachain community. Built by Beras for Beras, The Honey Jar positions itself as an interactive and engaging platform for users to explore, play, and collect.

Honey Jar stands out as an unofficial NFT project within Berachain, aiming to enrich the community's culture and offer a new dimension of entertainment and collection. The Honey Jar's allure lies in its community-centric approach, leveraging the strength and creativity of the Berachain community to foster a sense of belonging and participation. Its games are designed not just for entertainment but also to deepen users' connection with the Berachain ecosystem, making it a unique project that enhances both the utility and the communal spirit of Berachain.

Honey Jar one of the berachain projects

Honeypot Finance

Honeypot Finance is a community-run DeFi Hub that has a honey-flavored flywheel model that churns out dual incentives. By anchoring its operations in the Bera community, Honeypot Finance leverages the collective strength and enthusiasm of its members. What sets Honeypot Finance apart is its honey-flavored flywheel model, which ingeniously combines dual incentives to encourage both growth and participation. This model ensures that as the platform flourishes, so do its users, creating a mutually beneficial environment that is rare in today’s highly competitive DeFi landscape.

Furthermore, the introduction of unique features such as Fair Token Launch, Swap Protocol, and the HoneyGenesis NFT, underscores Honeypot Finance's commitment to innovation and its ambition to become a nursery for DeFi projects. These initiatives promise to make DeFi more accessible, enjoyable, and profitable, enticing a wider audience to explore the benefits of decentralized finance. The platform has a strong emphasis on creating a sustainable and inclusive financial ecosystem, where every participant can reap the rewards of their involvement, is a testament to its forward-thinking approach.

Honeypot Finance one of the ecosystem projects on Berachain


Beraroot is introducing a solution to the Berachain ecosystem, focusing on enhancing the efficiency, security, and transparency of transactions through the integration of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) optimization and Data Availability (DA) technology. At its heart, Beraroot's DA layer promises a blockchain environment where all transaction data is stored permanently and safeguarded against tampering.

In addressing the complexities of MEV, Beraroot is pioneering with its adoption of fair MEV optimization algorithms. MEV can be a double-edged sword; it represents the potential profit that miners can gain through the ordering and bundling of transactions. However, when exploited, it can lead to unfair advantages and undermine the equitable nature of the blockchain. Beraroot's approach mitigates these risks by ensuring that all participants in the Berachain ecosystem have access to fair and transparent transaction practices.

Beraroot's operation within Berachain is underscored by its comprehensive reward system, which includes BGT (inflation-based rewards), BEV (liquidity provider tokens), and BERA (gas fees). These incentives are distributed among BGT holders who contribute to network consensus and security through their delegated voting power to Validators. This staking mechanism not only strengthens the network's security but also dynamically adjusts to optimize returns for all involved.


Ramen Finance

Ramen Finance is creating a Berachain-native token launchpad protocol meticulously designed to change liquidity for long-tail assets. With a mission deeply rooted in creating equitable access to token distributions, Ramen Finance aims to democratize the process for developers, builders, and users alike. For protocol developers and builders, it offers a comprehensive toolkit to ensure equitable token distribution and enable transparent price discovery. Users are promised a fair and decentralized allocation system, ensuring access to promising new protocol launches is not limited to the affluent few.

Diverging from its initial trajectory, Ramen Finance has strategically refocused its development efforts towards the Ramen Launchpad, positioning it as the core product. This pivot away from developing a decentralized exchange (DEX) is based on the belief that the launchpad protocol will better serve the ecosystem by acting as a bridge and impartial conduit for new protocols. Central to this strategy is the ecosystem (3,3) concept, rewarding users who contribute significantly to liquidity and governance with enhanced allocation rates for upcoming launches.

The operational mechanism of the Ramen Launchpad is fueled by the $RAMEN token, enabling users to lock these tokens to receive gRAMEN, a governance token that determines the allocation rate for new launches. This system is designed to incentivize long-term engagement and contribution to the ecosystem. Ramen Launchpad will introduce Curated Launches, offering meticulously vetted new protocols through collaborations with esteemed partners, ensuring only the most promising and reliable projects are introduced to the community.

Ramen Finance


Beraborrow draws inspiration from the Liquity model in the Ethereum space. This decentralized protocol allows users them to take out interest-free loans with iBGT tokens serving as collateral. Beraborrow's vision extends beyond just providing loans; it aims to unlock a wellspring of liquidity across Berachain, positioning itself as a cornerstone for the ecosystem's burgeoning DeFi landscape.

At its core, the platform offers a 0% interest rate on borrowing against the iBGT token, a feature that markedly distinguishes it from conventional borrowing platforms. This approach facilitates access to a decentralized stablecoin for seamless utility across the Berachain ecosystem, amplifying the financial agility of its users. Moreover, Beraborrow liberates its users from the constraints of repayment schedules, allowing them to repay borrowed assets at their convenience.

The platform is also set to introduce a yield-earning opportunity through liquidation events for those staking $NECT in the stability poo. Beraborrow's innovative borrowing model minimizes the collateral needed for loans thereby expanding users' operational leverage. This is particularly advantageous for users seeking to speculate on the iBGT token's future price movements, as it enables them to magnify their market exposure significantly.



Beraplug is a memecoin, that shakes Honeycomb out of sellers and plugs them into holders. Beraplug is ingeniously designed to reward those who are deeply aligned with the community's long-term goals. Specifically, $PLUG sets its sights on enhancing The Honey Jar's Honey Comb NFTs.

To select winners, an off-chain script hashes the round's metadata and eligible wallets. This hash then seeds a random number generator, culminating in the selection of a winning address. What sets this process apart is its transparency and verifiability. Given the deterministic nature of the inputs, anyone can independently verify the accuracy of the winner selection. This method ensures that despite SQL's inherent non-determinism, the likelihood of discrepancy is slim, reinforced by multiple executions of the Dune query to confirm the winner.

At launch, $PLUG will have an initial supply of 3.3 billion tokens. The distribution plan was as unique as the protocol itself, with 33% of the supply earmarked for a community airdrop, rewarding holders of Honey Comb, Ooga Booga Tickets, and various other tokens and NFTs recognized for their significance within the ecosystem. Additionally, a portion of the supply was reserved for future airdrops, partnerships, and rewards for key stakeholders, including a dedicated share for liquidity enhancement, team efforts, and early contributors.

Beraplug introduced a transaction tax mechanism to sustain and advance the project. With each token transfer, a 5% fee is levied, thoughtfully allocated to support various facets of the project, including liquidity provision, team compensation, and the novel concept of sweeping Honey Comb for the "brown hole," along with a token burn strategy to ensure $PLUG's value remains robust over time.



Beradrome is a Velodrome fork on Berchgain. It introduces a complex yet intuitive token structure that includes BERO, hiBERO, and oBERO tokens. Each token type offers distinct advantages and incentives tailored to foster growth and active participation within the Berachain ecosystem.

Central to its innovation is the Beradrome Bonding Curve for BERO tokens, a mechanism designed to provide liquidity and price stability in a market-driven environment, ensuring that the price of BERO always remains at or above 1 BGT/BERO. This stability is crucial for maintaining confidence and predictability for users and investors alike. hiBERO tokens, akin to governance tokens, offer users staking capabilities without the previous constraints of a 4-year lock-up period. Staking is dynamically engaged only during voting periods, allowing for immediate withdrawal back to BERO once votes are reset to zero. This flexibility enhances the governance power of hiBERO. oBERO tokens function as call options for BERO, issued as rewards to liquidity gauges based on the distribution of hiBERO votes. This incentivizes liquidity provision, with oBERO also enabling holders to leverage borrowing against hiBERO without the fear of interest or liquidation, fostering a risk-free environment for leveraging assets.

With an initial supply of 100,000 tokens, allocations are made to various stakeholders including the community, protocols/DAOs, the Beradrome team, and ecosystem votes, each designed to cement long-term commitment to the platform's success. A significant part of Beradrome's approach includes the Real Deal initiative, encouraging protocols to commit resources to the ecosystem in exchange for voting power. This model fosters a symbiotic relationship between Beradrome and other protocols within the Berachain ecosystem, ensuring mutual growth and stability.



As Berachain grows, the strong teamwork among its top projects shows how solid and capable the ecosystem is in pushing blockchain technology forward. These projects combine creativity, skill, and community involvement in ways that not only lead the way in Berachain but also promise a bright future for all blockchain technology. Each project is working hard to explore new possibilities, keeping Berachain at the forefront of the blockchain world and making it a great place for new ideas and working together.

The ever-changing nature of these top 10 projects, along with their dedication to getting better and adapting, means that Berachain is not just focused on today's technology but is also preparing for the future. Looking forward, the growth of these projects and the start of new ones will surely keep the blockchain community excited and involved, encouraging more growth and new ideas in Berachain.

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