Starknet Ecosystem Airdrop Guide

StarkNet Ecosystem Airdrop Opportunities: An In-Depth Guide

With the STRK Airdrop concluded, let's take a look at the the StarkNet ecosystem and the other promising airdrops within.

The StarkNet ecosystem is at the forefront of the next wave in blockchain technology, offering a Layer 2 scaling solution that aims to expand on Ethereum's scalability by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs. This development is crucial for the DeFi sector, promising to reduce gas fees and transaction times significantly. The ecosystems' TVL has seen an aggressive rise of the past year, which has been further accelerating since the start of 2024.

With the anticipated STRK airdrop coming up next week on the 20th of February (you can check if you're eligible here), the 1.3 million new token holders will be looking to use their SRTK in Starknet dApps. The ecosystem is buzzing with activity in anticipation as various projects ramp up their offerings, presenting ample opportunities for users to engage and potentially benefit from airdrops. Here’s an in-depth look into StarkNet and its rapidly expanding ecosystem.

Starknet TVL

What is StarkNet?

StarkNet, engineered by StarkWare, introduces a scalability solution for Ethereum, known as a Layer 2 scaling solution or a Validity Rollup. This innovative approach executes transactions off-chain and aggregates them into a single proof, which is then verified on the Ethereum blockchain. This mechanism enhances transaction throughput while maintaining the security and decentralization Ethereum is known for.

How to Get Started with StarkNet

The Argent X Wallet

Engaging with the StarkNet ecosystem begins with setting up the Argent X wallet. This digital wallet is specifically designed for the StarkNet environment, offering an intuitive user interface and seamless interaction with StarkNet’s decentralized applications (DApps). It represents the gateway for users to manage their assets and participate in the ecosystem's various activities..

Bridging Ether to StarkNet

To fully engage with StarkNet, users must bridge Ethereum assets to the network. This is facilitated by platforms such as Orbiter Finance and StarGate, which provide a straightforward way to transfer ETH and other tokens to StarkNet, enabling users to explore the ecosystem's offerings.

Orbiter Finance bridging

Starknet Ecosystem Airdrop Opportunities

Let's explore some of the main dApps in the Starknet ecosystem. 7 out of 8 of these Starknet dApps are promising airdrops with point programs.


Nostra is the biggest dApp and serves as a liquidity layer within StarkNet, enabling users to lend, borrow, and trade cryptocurrencies. It's planning to launch its own token, "NOS," with a rewards program in place for early users who engage in lending, borrowing, or referrals. This program suggests points that could lead to an airdrop when the NOS token launches, although specifics remain unconfirmed​​​​.

Nostra Starknet Airdrop


AVNU, a leading DEX aggregator on StarkNet, optimizes trading by offering better pricing, zero slippage, MEV protection, and speculative points system for potential future airdrops. While its testnet is currently live, allowing users to execute trades in a simulated environment, the community speculates about future airdrop opportunities​​.



Rapidly gaining traction, StarkDeFi emerges as a top AMM on StarkNet, thanks to its elaborate gamified point system. This system not only engages users but also potentially increases their chances of receiving airdrops, pointing towards an inclusive and rewarding DeFi ecosystem.

StarkDeFi Ecosystem Starknet Airdrop


As an automated market maker (AMM), Ekubo utilizes StarkNet's features to provide optimal execution for swappers and returns for liquidity providers. It features a "Leaderboard" tracking users' engagement points, hinting at rewards based on standings, potentially indicative of future airdrop rewards​​.

Ekubo AMM leaderboard


Introducing a permissionless zk-native money market protocol, Hashstack enables under-collateralized loans and currently offers an active airdrop for users who complete transactions on its Mainnet V1. Rewards are based on points earned from transactions​​. The first airdrop campaign recently concluded, but there are more to follow.

Hashstack leaderboard


Nomis is at the forefront of establishing an on-chain reputation protocol on StarkNet, aiming to create a comprehensive reputation layer for Web3. By minting reputation scores, users unlock new Web3 experiences, suggesting a unique approach to community engagement and potential rewards.

Nomis Reputation Airdrop


ZKX introduces a gamified experience with its omnichain perpetual DEX on StarkNet. It encourages users to join trading competitions and clans, adding a layer of engagement and community to the DeFi experience, suggesting potential for innovative reward systems. Participate in OG Trading, Clans, and our Community Campaign to unlock the doors to Airdrop 2.0

ZKX Starkware Airdrop Gamification


zkLend, StarkNet's native L2 money-market protocol, boasts a TVL of $8 million, making it the third-largest DApp on StarkNet. It highlights the growing interest and investment in StarkNet's DeFi protocols, suggesting an evolving landscape of lending and borrowing. The dApp is hinting on 2 looming airdrop opportunities.

zkLend  Ecosystem Airdrop Starkware


The StarkNet ecosystem is quickly establishing itself as a robust platform for scalability, innovation, and user engagement. As the $STRK Airdrop and TGE commence, we expect the Starknet ecosystem to expand rapidly and attract more TVL. The opportunities for users to participate and benefit from airdrops and other incentives will likely grow, marking an exciting phase in the evolution of decentralized finance.

Each project within this ecosystem is actively engaging its community through innovative reward systems and airdrop campaigns, underscoring the ecosystem's commitment to growth, scalability, and user engagement.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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