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Hashinals - Revolutionizing NFT Metadata Storage on Hedera

Discover how Hashinals are rewriting the rules of NFT metadata storage, ushering in a new era of trust and accessibility on the Hedera blockchain.

Hashinals is an innovative protocol introduced on the Hedera network, offering a novel approach to storing Non-Fungible Token (NFT) metadata directly on the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) through the HCS-1 Protocol. This advancement represents a significant evolution in the management and integrity of digital assets within the blockchain ecosystem.

Background and Motivation

In the realm of NFTs, there has been a persistent need for a standardized and efficient method to store metadata directly on the blockchain. Traditionally, NFT metadata has been stored off-chain, relying on platforms like IPFS or Arweave. However, this approach introduces dependencies and potential points of failure. Hashinals address this challenge by enabling the storage of NFT metadata directly on the Hedera Hashgraph, reducing reliance on external systems and enhancing the overall trustworthiness of digital assets.


Hashinals leverage the Hedera Token Service (HTS) for minting tokens and utilize a guarded registry on the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS-2) for secure metadata storage. Unlike conventional NFTs on Hedera, Hashinals store metadata as valid HCS-1 files, ensuring compatibility and interoperability within the Hedera ecosystem.

Metadata Structure

The metadata associated with Hashinals follows a standardized format, utilizing a valid Hedera Resource Locator (HRL) to reference the Topic ID where the metadata is inscribed. The recommended format for metadata is a JSON file following the HIP-412 standard, containing essential information such as name, creator, description, image reference, type, and attributes.

Inscription Numbers

Inscription numbers are assigned to Hashinals in a manner that ensures chronological order and validity. These numbers are determined based on the consensus_timestamp of TokenMintTransactions, ensuring integrity and reliability in the inscription process.

Validation and Registry

Hashinals must adhere to strict validation criteria, including the use of valid HCS-1 files and compliance with metadata format standards. Valid Hashinals are registered in a private Topic ID managed by the HCS Council, serving as a comprehensive database for the Hashinals ecosystem.

User Process for Inscribing Hashinals

The process of inscribing Hashinals involves uploading the image and JSON metadata, approving the transaction, and waiting for the assignment of an inscription number by the Hashinals indexer. This streamlined process ensures accessibility and ease of use for creators and users alike.

Flagship Thought

The introduction of the HCS-5 standard represents a significant milestone in the evolution of NFT metadata management. By leveraging the Hedera Consensus and Token Services, Hashinals offer a decentralized and verifiable method for storing NFT metadata directly on the blockchain. This advancement not only enhances the integrity and trustworthiness of digital assets but also simplifies their management and transfer in a decentralized environment.

Adopting the Hashinals protocol addresses the limitations associated with traditional off-chain storage methods, ensuring the longevity and accessibility of NFT metadata. With clear guidelines and tools provided for minting and managing Hashinals, creators and users can confidently participate in the vibrant ecosystem of digital assets on the Hedera network.

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