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Berachain Blockchain: A Blend of Memes, Innovation and Community

Berachain is a blockchain project that combines memes, innovation, and community. It has gained attention and significant funding, with a valuation of $420.69 million. The project addresses key DeFi issues, such as fractional liquidity, through unique features. It uses a Proof of Liquidity (PoL) consensus mechanism, allowing users to stake tokens for network security and use them for liquidity in DeFi protocols. Berachain's tri-token system ensures stability, governance, and transaction management. The project has launched its testnet, Artio, and is collaborating with native teams to launch dApps. With its innovative technology and growing community, Berachain has the potential for rapid growth and success in blockchain and DeFi.

In a world brimming with blockchain projects, Berachain stands out as a unique, meme-fueled venture that has captured both attention and significant funding. Last year, this bear-themed project raised an eyebrow-raising $42 million at a valuation of $420.69 million, a nod to its meme culture. Backed by notable entities like Polychain Capital, Berachain is more than just about the memes; it's a seriously innovative blockchain protocol.

Created by a team of largely pseudonymous crypto developers, who prefer to represent themselves with cartoon bears (some smoking weed), Berachain has a distinct flair that sets it apart in the crypto world and is designed to attract both the Ethereum crowd and Cosmos builders.

Recently, it has launched its testnet, marking a significant step in its development. The team is also already collaborating with over 30 native teams and welcoming dozens more from various ecosystems, preparing to launch their dApps on Berachain. As the project gains momentum and starts garnering more attention on the back of its testnet release, it's exactly the right moment to explore what makes this exciting new blockchain tick.

An easy introduction to Berachain

Berachain’s journey began with the Bong Bears NFT collection in August 2021. This NFT endeavor laid the groundwork for the community that now supports Berachain. Unlike many typical DeFi protocols, Berachain has developed unique features addressing key issues in the DeFi space, particularly fractional liquidity.

Berachain NFTs memes

Berachain, at its core, is a platform designed for the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) community. It caters to users who want to engage in staking tokens and providing liquidity to DeFi protocols simultaneously. The platform's ease of use and innovative features make it an attractive choice for both new entrants and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. Users can stake their tokens easily while participating in the governance of the network, all the while earning rewards in the process.

Think of Berachain like a multi-tool in the crypto world. It runs on a unique system called "Proof of Liquidity" (PoL), which is a twist on the traditional "proof of stake" model. This system allows for more efficient use of assets within the blockchain. Instead of locking up assets in a single activity, Berachain enables users to stake their tokens for network security and simultaneously use them for liquidity in DeFi protocols. This dual utility enhances the efficiency and flexibility of asset usage on the platform.

Finally, the blockchain uses a unique tri-token system (which we’ll discuss in detail later on), comprising the native gas token Bera, the native stable token Honey, and the non-transferable Bera Governance Token (BGT), providing a balanced ecosystem for transaction management, stability, and democratic governance. This system not only enhances user engagement but also ensures the stability and sustainable growth of the network.

Berachain Artio testnet popular

Berachain’s testnet: Artio

Berachain's testnet, Artio, plays a crucial role in testing the network's capabilities and preparing for the upcoming mainnet launch. To participate and potentially receive a future berachain airdrop, visit Provide your wallet address (Metamask, Coinbase wallet, and WalletConnect) to receive testnet tokens. You also have to connect these wallets to the testnet, and a popup will appear in your wallet, automatically adding the Artio testnet. Once you are on Artio, feel free to explore and try out the dapps ( for a chance at a future airdrop. Enjoy!

Check out Berachain’s official guide to its testnet here.

Berachain dapps

Berachain's Key Technological Features

Proof of Liquidity (PoL)

At the heart of Berachain's technological innovation is the Proof of Liquidity (PoL) consensus mechanism. This approach is a significant shift from traditional models, focusing on liquidity provision as a means of network security and governance.

  • Functionality: In PoL, participants (referred to as liquidity providers or LPers) contribute to the security of the Berachain network by supplying liquidity to its underlying trading infrastructure. This infrastructure encompasses various DeFi applications such as automated market makers, lending protocols, and even crypto games—essentially any platform that needs a pool of tokens to facilitate smart contract transactions.
  • Governance and Rewards: LPers are rewarded with BGT (Bera Governance Tokens), which are unique in that they are illiquid and cannot be bought or sold. The only way to acquire BGT is by earning them, emphasizing their role in network governance.
  • Innovation in DeFi: PoL opens the door to new financial primitives in DeFi, like exotic derivatives, novel options, and risk tranches, and extends the utility of collateral via smart accounts. This innovative approach differs from traditional "proof of stake" models by actively involving the protocols in liquidity management.
  • Efficiency in Resource Utilization: The liquidity bootstrapping feature of PoL allows Berachain to achieve more with fewer initial resources, an essential advantage in the competitive landscape of new Layer 1 blockchains.

Proof-of-Liquidity aims to align network incentives, creating strong synergy between Berachain validators and the ecosystem of projects. Here is a guide on how to easily set up your own Berachain node.

Berachain Validator node

Other building Blocks

Berachain's architecture is built on Polaris, a foundational operating system for an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain, leveraging the Cosmos SDK.

  • Polaris Framework: Polaris serves as the baseplate for Berachain, enabling the separation of block building, processing, and storage from execution. It uses a message-passing mechanism to integrate the EVM with the Cosmos SDK. This bifurcation enhances the efficiency and scalability of the blockchain.
  • EVM Compatibility: To demonstrate its compatibility with the EVM, Berachain undertook a unique experiment by using an OP Stack rollup that leverages Berachain as its settlement layer. This test proved the seamless compatibility of Berachain with the EVM, which is crucial for the smooth onboarding of decentralized applications (dApps) and reinforces the blockchain's potential for widespread adoption.


Berachain's development is led by a pseudonymous team, a common practice in the crypto realm emphasizing privacy and security. Their diverse expertise spans healthcare, venture capital, and tech, bringing a multidisciplinary approach to blockchain development.

Berachain's journey began with the Bong Bears NFT collection, launched in August 2021. The success of this project, characterized by a quirky and engaging theme, formed the nucleus of a growing and dedicated community. This initial venture into NFTs laid a strong foundation for the team’s deeper foray into the blockchain world.

In April 2022, leveraging their experience and community support from the NFT space, the team announced plans for Berachain, a native blockchain protocol. This shift from NFTs to creating a Layer 1 blockchain underscores the team's adaptability and ambition in the evolving crypto landscape.

Berachain made headlines with its $42 million funding round, capturing attention with its $420.69 million valuation, a nod to the team's meme-savvy approach. Key backers like Polychain Capital highlight the project's promising prospects and the confidence of seasoned investors in its potential.

Berachain Investors Polychain

Token: Berachain’s tri-token model

Berachain's innovative economic model is structured around a distinctive tri-token system, each serving a specific purpose within the ecosystem. This system comprises $BERA, $BGT (Bera Governance Token), and $HONEY, each playing a vital role in the platform's functionality and governance.

Berachain tokenomics tri-token system $BERA $BGT $HONEY

1. $BERA: The Native Token

  • Purpose: $BERA acts as the primary currency within the Berachain network. It is used to pay transaction fees and is also distributed as block rewards.
  • Utility: The significance of $BERA extends beyond just being a medium of exchange; it forms the backbone of the network's economic activities.
  • Dynamics: As the native token, $BERA's value and circulation are crucial for the network's health and sustainability. It ensures smooth operation and incentivizes participation in the network.

2. $BGT (Bera Governance Token): The Governance Powerhouse

  • Nature: Unlike typical cryptocurrencies, $BGT is a non-transferable NFT. This unique characteristic emphasizes its role in governance rather than as a tradeable asset.
  • Governance Role: $BGT holders wield decision-making power within the Berachain network. They participate in governance processes, influencing key decisions and the direction of the platform.
  • Economic Value and Exchangeability: Despite being non-transferable, $BGT holds economic value. Holders can burn their BGT in exchange for an equivalent amount of BERA tokens. Additionally, they have the option to delegate their BGT to earn HONEY, Berachain's stablecoin.

3. $HONEY: The Stablecoin Component

  • Function: $HONEY serves as Berachain's stablecoin, backed by USDC, a widely recognized stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Stability and Use: Its primary role is to provide a stable value asset within the Berachain ecosystem, crucial for transactions and financial activities where volatility is a concern.
  • Interplay with BGT: $HONEY can be acquired by delegating BGT, linking the governance token to a tangible economic benefit within the ecosystem.

Traction of the beras

A testament to Berachain's growing popularity is its substantial following of over 200,000 on Twitter. This impressive social media presence indicates the team's ability to capture the crypto crowd's attention, a skill partly attributable to their meme history and the personal brands of the pseudonymous founders. Berachain's roots in the NFT community, beginning with the Bong Bears project, have helped cultivate a strong and engaged community, which is now evolving into a broader blockchain ecosystem.

Berachain community

Berachain's roadmap focuses on the progression from the testnet to the mainnet and beyond. The roadmap includes further development of its unique tri-token system, expansion of its DeFi offerings and ecosystem, and enhancement of its Proof of Liquidity consensus mechanism. The roadmap's execution will be key in maintaining momentum and growing the platform's user base.

An integral part of Berachain's traction is its growing dApp ecosystem, bolstered by the Buildabera incubator. This initiative supports the development and launch of various projects on the network, including finance DEXs, stablecoin swaps, and even gaming platforms. Such diversity in applications not only demonstrates Berachain's versatility but also helps attract a wide range of users and developers to the platform.

Berachain incubator Buildabera

Closing thoughts: Berachain's Distinctive Journey and Bright Future

What started as an NFT meme project featuring smoking bears has evolved into Berachain, a unique blockchain proposition on the brink of its mainnet launch. Blending innovative technology with a vibrant community, Berachain stands out in the competitive blockchain space. Its current testnet phase has already garnered significant traction, demonstrating the platform's robustness and market readiness.

Berachain’s strength lies in its product-market fit, offering what dApps crave most: liquidity and a growing user base. This capability, combined with its engaging approach and technological soundness, positions Berachain for potential rapid growth and success in the blockchain and DeFi sectors. As it transitions from meme origins to a serious blockchain contender, Berachain's future looks promising.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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