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BASE goes Open Source!

Base places a strong emphasis on transparency as one of its core values. This commitment to openness is considered fundamental in establishing an on-chain ecosystem. The belief is that building in the open fosters accountability and facilitates collaborative efforts within the community.

Introduction to Open Source

In the realm of technology, open source stands as a beacon of collaborative innovation, breaking down traditional barriers and inviting a diverse community of developers to collectively shape the digital landscape.

At its core, open source refers to the practice of making a software's underlying code freely accessible to the public. In this unfolding narrative, we delve into the intricacies of open source, unravelling its significance and exploring how it forms the foundation of initiatives like Base.

Why Open Source?

Base's philosophy is dedicated to developing openly, which is a fundamental aspect of constructing a strong on-chain ecosystem. Why? Because it not only develops software, but also fosters trust, accountability, and a platform for dynamic collaboration.

Base OpenSource

In the spirit of Open Source and collaboration, the team at Base actively shares their work, providing the community with a window into their progress and a means to hold them accountable to their commitments. This transparency isn't just a virtue; it's a spark for collaboration, offering developers the opportunity to leverage the team's knowledge base, contribute, and enhance existing elements.

Moreover, this approach establishes a direct channel for valuable feedback from the community, spanning suggestions for refining documentation to pinpointing any overlooked bugs. In line with this commitment to transparency and community involvement, Base is thrilled to announce a significant step forward: the open sourcing of their smart contract and web GitHub repositories. This marks a new chapter where the community can not only witness but actively participate in the evolution of these foundational components.

Enhanced clarity through the unveiling of their smart contract repositories

Base just made their smart contract repositories open source, giving developers a technical playground to explore the ins and outs of Base’s contract development, deployment, and upgrades.

All the codes and scripts running Base are now neatly organized on GitHub. If you're eager to dig into the specifics, check out this GitHub link for the lowdown on incident responses, upgrades, contract deployments, calls, and those unique one-off deployments. It's your backstage pass to the technical wizardry that powers Base!

The commitment to transparency in key management practices is a foundational principle. Earlier this year, details regarding the multi-sig and challenger key setup were disclosed, with a focus on collaboration with the Optimism team. This collaborative effort aimed to comprehensively document and subject the upgrade process to a thorough review, reducing the likelihood of inadvertent errors and enhancing the visibility of potentially malicious activities.

For tasks involving a Base multi-sig, like this example, a detailed log reveals the script executed by multi-sig signers, the commands used for signing, and a record of the on-chain transaction execution. The documentation further provides visibility into all Base Admin Addresses, shedding light on addresses crucial for setting up and securing the Base ecosystem. This commitment to transparency signifies a proactive approach to maintaining a thoughtful and secure key management process.

Within the GitHub repository, each on-chain action is meticulously archived within its historical context. Whether it's a contract deployment, call, or upgrade, these actions are organized into specific directories based on the network, named with the date, and provided with a concise description of the action. This organizational structure facilitates the easy reproduction of actions and serves as a dynamic chronicle showcasing the evolution of processes over time.

Builders keen on contributing are encouraged to explore the smart contracts and codebase, with an invitation to submit Git issues for any constructive feedback.

Base Github
Base Github

For security-focused individuals identifying potential security issues within the code, the HackerOne bounty program covers the Base network, bridge contracts, and infrastructure, offering bounties of up to $1,000,000 for valid reports. This collaborative effort plays a crucial role in strengthening the security posture of the Base ecosystem.

Web Repositories are not left out

The decision to open source all web properties associated with Base, including,, and, has been implemented to augment transparency and foster developer engagement. This encompasses not only the fundamental web properties but also entails contributions to open-source projects, such as the OP Stack, and the release of enhancements to tools like OP-viem. For an exhaustive exploration, the documentation is available at, and any suggestions for improvement can be communicated by raising an issue.

Base Native Bridge
Base Bridge

Upon visiting, the code responsible for processing deposits and withdrawals from Base is readily accessible. For those contemplating similar projects, an examination of the methodology can provide insights for customization. Feedback on the code is encouraged, and submissions for improvement can be made through the provided channels.

Embracing open source is a mutually beneficial strategy for the future of Base's on-chain endeavours.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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