Our 7 top AI token picks for the next leg up

Our 7 top AI token picks for the next leg up

This article will explore the top seven AI projects ready for a strong recovery and potentially significant gains in the next leg up.


After the recent frenzy around artificial intelligence, spurred by OpenAI's release of the Sora model, many AI-focused projects have seen significant pullbacks, with some retracing as much as 50% from their peak values. This downturn presents a unique opportunity, especially if Bitcoin rebounds to its all-time highs, the AI sector could really benefit. This article will delve into the top seven AI cryptocurrencies that are well-positioned for a recovery and potentially substantial gains during the next market upswing.


Bittensor is a decentralized network that revolutionizes how machine learning models are interconnected and utilized across the globe, akin to a collective brain. By enabling seamless collaboration among distributed AI models, Bittensor processes information to generate intelligent responses similar to human brain neurons. The network uses a unique blockchain architecture based on the Substrate framework, enhancing customization, interoperability, and integration possibilities with networks like Polkadot. This not only supports Bittensor’s operational efficiency but also bolsters its security and decentralization, crucial for a dependable decentralized machine learning network.

Looking forward, Bittensor is set to implement major updates to its subnet infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of its network and improve functionality. Key updates include decentralizing evaluation processes, allowing TAO token holders to participate in decision-making, thereby enhancing the objectivity and fairness of model evaluations. Additionally, the network will increase its subnet capacity significantly to a maximum of 1024, accommodating more participants and fostering innovation and competition. This scalability is crucial as Bittensor continues to grow and support a diverse range of AI models and applications.
From a technical perspective Bittensor has retraced over 50% and is currently trading at its previous support. Bittensor has yet to showcase any strength to recover its daily trend. As one of the strongest trending alts, once bittensor is able to recover its daily trend. Bittensor will be a strong suitor for a strong uptrend.


Render Network

The Render Network is a blockchain-based platform that utilizes decentralized computing power to provide efficient and affordable 3D rendering. It connects users who need GPU computing services for tasks such as GPU rendering, AI, and machine learning inferences with those who can provide these GPU resources. This peer-to-peer network democratizes access to GPU rendering resources through blockchain technology, making advanced rendering accessible to a broader audience.

In collaboration with OTOY and The Blender Foundation, the Render Network recently announced a significant development under the Render Network Proposal (RNP-014). This proposal brings Blender's Cycles, a GPU raytracing engine, to the Render Network, granting over 2 million Blender users free access to decentralized GPUs. This move is designed to democratize 3D graphics, providing Blender users with powerful rendering resources at no additional cost and removing significant barriers to entry in the 3D industry.

This collaboration is aligned with the shared objectives of using open technologies to empower artists and reduce entry barriers. By integrating high-quality rendering software with accessible, scalable GPU computing power on a decentralized network, the initiative opens up new creative possibilities previously only available to large studios.

From a technical perspective, Render Network has been the strongest asset in this recent rebound. It's up over 60% from the lows and is close to making a new ATH. If BTC doesn't retrace in either scenario, Render will continue running. If BTC can rebound to ATH, Render will take it further and break out.

Rndr Network


Fetch.ai is a blockchain-based platform that seamlessly blends artificial intelligence and machine learning to power decentralized digital economies. It is engineered to support the development of Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs)—programs designed to independently perform tasks on behalf of individuals, organizations, or devices. These agents are pivotal in creating dynamic marketplaces, enabling connections, searches, and transactions without central oversight.

At the core of Fetch.ai is the Agentverse, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform tailored for crafting AI Agent solutions. This platform offers a spectrum of use cases, ranging from straightforward introductions to intricate, AI-driven systems, all set for deployment across various industries.

Fetch.ai recently announced the successful vote to merge its $FET token with SingularityNET's $AGIX and Ocean Protocol's $OCEAN to create the new $ASI token, forming the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance. As part of this merger, Fetch.ai has minted an additional 1,477,549,566 $FET tokens to facilitate the ASI Token Exchange Mechanism. The conversion rates are set at 0.433350:1 for $AGIX to $ASI and 0.433226:1 for $OCEAN to $ASI, with $FET converting at a 1:1 ratio.

From a technical perspective, Fetch has been like Render Network, one of the strongest assets. Fetch has yet to make any new lows since early March. Fetch has also reclaimed its daily trend, and as long as it holds, it remains one of the best assets.



Enqai, or enqAI, is a decentralized AI platform operating on the Arbitrum network. It stands out for its uncensored, lifelike text-to-speech and lip-sync capabilities, which are fuelled by large language models and a decentralized GPU network. This innovative combination creates realistic voices and expressive animations, enhancing the user experience.

To support its ecosystem, Enqai has developed its own proprietary Arbitrum Rollup chain, named enlil3. This specialized blockchain solution offers several advantages, including faster transaction settlements, enhanced security, lower gas fees, and greater scalability. These features ensure a robust and efficient environment for all users interacting within the Enqai platform.

Looking forward, Enqai's roadmap is filled with different plans. The platform aims to expand its capabilities and reach, continually enhancing the user experience and broadening the utility of its applications. With each innovation, Enqai solidifies its position in the tech world and pushes the boundaries of what decentralized platforms can achieve in the AI space. Enqai is well-positioned to lead a new era in AI technology by maintaining a focus on user-centric innovations and robust technological advancements. In the last 7 days Enqai has broken its down trend and risen 185% from its lows.


Aigent X

AigentX is a decentralized AI platform that aims to simplify the user experience in the Web3 ecosystem. Aigent X has secured grants from leading tech companies and developed the Trading AIgent. It launched its Web app and completed integrations with major communication platforms such as Telegram, Discord, and WhatsApp. Additionally, they developed useful browser tools, including a Chrome extension and Mozilla add-ons, and unveiled sophisticated AI tools like the AI Smart-Contracts Auditor and AI Technical Analysis.

Looking forward to the second quarter of 2024, AIgentX is expanding. They plan to formalize their Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for community governance, expand the Advisory Board, and launch a startup program to support new blockchain projects.

Aigent X has grown over 20x since launching in 2023. In recent days, the total selling volume has dried up, and the total number of buys is picking up. This indicates that sellers are running out of tokens, and we can see a potential momentum shift.

Aigent x

Aleph IM

Aleph.im is an open-source, cross-chain network that enhances the decentralization of applications and protocols by offering a robust suite of decentralized database services. These services include secure file storage, computing solutions, and a decentralized identity (DID) framework, all designed to facilitate the shift toward complete decentralization in the DeFi ecosystem.

The platform's decentralized database allows users to store and manage data securely, while its computing framework supports the execution of programs through virtual machines. This setup not only safeguards users' digital identities but also enables seamless integration across various blockchain networks, ensuring broad interoperability and enhancing both security and scalability.

Aleph.im's 2024 roadmap presents a comprehensive plan for advancing its decentralized physical infrastructure, focusing on key areas such as the integration of advanced oracles, the rollout of Confidential Virtual Machines, and enhanced GPU support to boost AI and machine learning capabilities. A notable feature of the roadmap is the introduction of a pay-as-you-go payment system using $ALEPH and stablecoins, which promises more transparency and reduced costs. Aleph is up over 200% from the lows and is quite close to reaching new ATHs.



PAAL AI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to boost user capabilities within the blockchain sector. It features an advanced AI-driven chatbot designed to automate complex tasks such as natural language processing, image recognition, and decision-making. This platform offers a personalized AI assistant that adapts to individual preferences, allowing users to craft a tailored knowledge base from diverse data types like video, text, and audio for refined human-like responses.

Additionally, PAAL AI expands its utility by providing AI as a service, enabling easy deployment of AI chatbots through custom web links or direct embedding on websites, enhancing user engagement. It also includes multimodal capabilities to handle various data inputs. It extends its reach with specialized AI bots on social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, providing continuous customer support.

Building on this foundation, PAAL introduces the PaalX Explore tab, revolutionizing crypto management by enabling users to create and manage custom lists of tokens, influencers, and categories like DeFi and Gaming. This integration of AI tools simplifies complex crypto operations, from conducting research and performing audits to monitoring social sentiment, easing the entry of new and experienced users into the crypto world.

As PAAL evolves, it promises more developments with upcoming video demos and detailed launch information, reaffirming its commitment to making cryptocurrency management more accessible and streamlined through the innovative use of AI technology. PAAL has bounced at its previous support and broken its downtrend. If BTC continues to range or start pumping, PAAL will be a top mover.



The mentioned AI projects like Bittensor, Render Network, Fetch.ai, Enqai, Aigent X, Aleph.im, and PAAL AI showcase promising advancements and potential for substantial growth in the upcoming market cycle. Each project leverages unique technological innovations to enhance the AI and blockchain landscape, addressing various industry challenges from decentralized machine learning to AI-driven digital economies and decentralized rendering.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as a financial investment recommendation. It’s important to understand that investing is a high-risk activity. Investments expose money to potential loss.



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