Shrapnel ($SHRAP)

Shrapnel shrap token

Project Goal and Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Shrapnel is a groundbreaking AAA first-person shooter game, enhanced by a unique creator ecosystem enabled by blockchain technology. Developed by an award-winning team, it empowers players to influence the game’s future, emphasizing ownership and value creation from user-generated content. Leveraging blockchain, Shrapnel allows players to own, create, and derive value from their in-game creations. It also incorporates decentralized governance, enabling players to have a significant role in content updates and creation. This approach aims to foster a collaborative environment where players co-develop the game alongside the studio, revolutionizing the traditional gaming experience.

What is the token utility?

The $SHRAP token is a multifaceted utility token in the Shrapnel blockchain game, an Avalanche-based governance token integral to the game's single-token economy. It's earned by players through activities like surviving matches and creating NFTs. SHRAP tokens can be used to acquire vanity items and maps within the game, with a unique "play-to-own" model allowing players to own and control their creations. Additionally, SHRAP grants voting rights on game content and protocol aspects, with potential future use as a gas token to subsidize user fees. The total supply of SHRAP tokens is capped at 3 billion.

What is its current status?

As of the latest updates, "Shrapnel," a blockchain-based combat shooter game developed by Neon Machine, is making significant strides in its development. The Seattle-based startup has secured $20 million in Series A funding, aimed at advancing the game, which allows players to create and monetize in-game assets. An early access version is scheduled for release to paid users in December, with a free-to-play version planned for the following year. This positions "Shrapnel" as a pioneering title in the Web3 gaming space, integrating blockchain technology to enhance player ownership and gaming experience.



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