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I first entered the crypto ecosystem in the year 2015. Bitcoin was still taking its “first” steps, and Ethereum had just come around the corner, trading at around 1$, when I started familiarizing myself with crypto. I think I can call myself a crypto OG, and my first years in crypto were marked by heavy volatility. Pumps of 300% in a matter of minutes and going straight back to baseline were easily possible for altcoins. To get a feeling of control over these extreme levels of volatility I had never seen before, I ventured into the lands of Fundamental Analysis (understanding the intrinsic value of a project) and Technical Analysis (analyzing trading patterns and market sentiment).

Trial and error combined with a lot of self-study got me to the experience level where I am today. I heavily rely on the confluence of multiple sources for validating my assumptions and making nuanced investment decisions. With my background in Business Informatics, I get a lot of energy from converting an overload of data into easy-to-understand information. As a result of this, I started working on a framework for the analysis of crypto projects. This framework allows for a streamlined process of analysis, which results in a rather objective scoring of a project based on important parameters.

I am very exited to be a part of Flagship since their mission and vision properly aligns with mine. With a progressively increasing number of new projects launching every day, creating clarity in the information-overloaded crypto ecosystem is a must. I will be contributing to Flagship by performing deep dives into projects and working on an efficient flow of project analysis utilizing the asset framework.

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