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Flagship Analysis selects and bundles the most promising crypto assets for you. You retain full self-custody and can withdraw your assets whenever you want.

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What we’re building

Our Vaults let you invest in an entire sector, theme or narrative in one click. For example, Flagship's AI token Vault contains assets within the intersection of AI and blockchain.

Your investment stays on-chain, so don't worry about failing exchanges. And you can sleep comfortably knowing the Intelligence Network, a network of experts incentivized by our token, is watching the Vaults.

What we’re proud of in September

Nailed the first community sale in less than 2 weeks

Launched the token dashboard

Launched Bitcoin Accumulation Vault

Launched Real Money Vault

250+ Signups for
the Base Vault

Intelligence Network crossed 100k followers

Past sales

Every month we set a target and token price based on past performance.

Flagship's partners

SingularityNET cryptoOcean cryptoAkash cryptoFetch crypto

What we have accomplished so far

Our 50.000 followers, 1500 community members and 1600 newsletter subscribers show that people follow, love and trust our content

Raised $950k in pre-sale and community sales combined from early adopters

500+ Beta sign-ups, projecting a TVL of $750.000.

More than 25 Intelligence Officers are contributing, creating and promoting for token only compensation.

In Q1 2023, our 5 testnet Vaults achieved an average ROI of 32%.

Our Beta app is live with 5 unique Vaults

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